Cleaning: Closet


I moved in my new house in June. I was also working nearly 60 hours a week and I have a lot of junk so moving it alone was a bit rough. Which meant there was a lot of stuff just kind of tossed where ever there was still room and my closet got the brunt of that hit. Just take a little peak:











I’m low key embarrassed by the state of it but it’s honestly what it looks like. I had both weekend days off and I decided it was finally time to tackle it. First thing to happen; the clothes. Now I love clothes. My life revolves around clothes. I went to school for clothes. I. LOVE. CLOTHES. But my style has recently be changing and even though I did a huge purge a while ago I didn’t get rid of as much as I should have. And, even though I said I wasn’t going to shop for a year that clearly didn’t happen. Sorry bout it.











I’m the queen of keeping things because I “might” need it. Girl, you know you never actually need it. And, a lot of my stuff I honestly just don’t wear. I never will and I know I never will. Time to let go. I started by going through every hanger and little fabric cube and got rid of everything that I know I won’t wear and haven’t worn (some things, and I’m ashamed to say, I have never worn) in a while. I did one little thing different though; if there was a clothing piece that I at one point loved but it has just been worn out – I added it to my “recreate” pile so I can take it apart and use it as a pattern to make a new version. I did go to school for fashion design, how about we use those skills, huh?


Next on the list; shoes. I love shoes even more than I love clothes. I do honestly wear all my shoes but there are some that are to the point of not wearing anymore. I hate just throwing them away because I know it’s not good for the environment so I’m going to do some research on how to properly dispose of shoes.



My mom had sent me this shoe caddie thing awhile ago and it works great for storing a lot of my shoes off the floor and in a kept area. I highly recommend one if you have limited closet space – the only downside is that it’s kind of tall and my clothes tend to get hooked on it. But honestly, not that critical!

Fabric bins are another thing that really help when you don’t have a dresser. I tend to keep my pajamas, workout clothes, shorts, and other things that don’t need to be hung up in them. It keeps everything contained and separated while still looking nice.


I don’t have very much storage in my room unfortunately. Which means everything goes in the closet. This is why I love the shelves above the hangers. I use that for all my Rubbermaid tubs that house all my sewing stuff, accessories, and anything else that I need but doesn’t necessarily have a to be out all the time. Adding shelving in a closet doesn’t need to be expensive at all and can be done relatively quickly. When the room outside the closet doesn’t have much by way of real-estate it’s important to max it out behind the closed doors.

This long, box, fabric, thing (what is this actually called?) I had gotten from Target, a long time ago but I’m sure they still sell something very similar, is amazing! It’s great for store undergarments, tights, socks, and all the other little things that you just quickly need to grab. It’s nice also for if you don’t have a dresser – which I don’t – but it still keeps all those necessary things at a quick grab.


The final bit was just overall organization of the closet. This one is actually much larger than the one that I was working with in the previous house, thankfully! I love having the shelves above the hangers and the amount of hanging room is quite nice. The floor space is also great! And, finally after about 3 hours, a lot of sweating (it’s hot in southern CA!), and Beyoncé radio via Pandora I finally have a clean closet that I don’t have to quickly slam stuff and pretend isn’t there.

xoxoxox Megan



Packing for Long Trips: The Struggle

I have made it! I am in the Midwest for about 3 weeks for my birthday, Christmas, and New Years Eve. I got here on Tuesday but have either been sleeping (so tired), trying not to freeze (so cold), or being social with family (so not really my thing). But on a lighter note, I am officially completely done with school! But back to the topic at hand;

In the past when I would come home I would have trouble packing. I always felt like I needed to bring everything in my room “just in case” and I would never use/wear it. I went a different route this time and it helped me a lot.

First things first, lets talk luggage. I had to buy a new suitcase the last time I came back because the zipper broke. let me just tell you, that stuff isn’t cheap! I ended up finding one that I liked that had polka dots all over it for $70 but then I looked a little deeper and found an all black, 5 piece set for $65. Obviously I had to go for the all black.


I recommend a set like this because it comes with a bunch of different sized bags. The little suitcase it perfect as a carry on or for short weekend trips. I love the makeup case and the duffelbag as well. The main suitcase it really big (still within the airline’s requirements though) and has two outside pockets and internal pockets as well.

Now on to the actual packing:

The first thing I did was went through my stuff and tossed everything that I wanted to bring on my bed. I literally mean everything, regardless of if I was actually going to bring it or not. While in my closet if I had even the slightest feeling of wanting to bring it, I put it on my bed – it’s all in the name of science here folks.


Next I went through piece by piece and actually thought about it.

“How many times would I actually wear this?”

“What else can I wear it with?”

And so on. If I couldn’t wear it more than twice it didn’t make the cut. I think that has been my issue in the past. I would leave for around 3 weeks and pack a TON of stuff that I would only wear once instead of packing less of things I can wear over and over again with different things to make a completely new outfit.

After that I went on to shoes. This is where I really die a little. I love all of my shoes and love wearing them but they are so heavy and take up a lot of room. (I mean…I wear a 10. In my defense I am almost 6 ft tall, it would be weird if I had baby feet!) For this trip I limited it down to 4. I wore the biggest on the plane and the rest were put into the bottom of my suitcase. When deciding on shoes I like to make a couple outfits and then decide which shoes I would regularly wear with them if I wasn’t going to be away and see how many times I would wear a certain shoe. For this trip I went for the combat boots, the heels, the studded boots, and my baby flats for running around in.

I got lucky with this suitcase because you can unzip the lining and put the shoes down there. I don’t like when my shoes touch my clothes because they have been on the dirty ground! If my luggage doesn’t have a lining that I can move and place the shoes under I wrap them in plastic shopping bags.

After my shoes are all in I put the largest things in my suitcase – sweaters, sweatshirts, pants, etc.


Then I fill in all the openings with the little things that can be folded a couple times and fill in all the holes around the sides.


I put my makeup bag and any hair tools I’d like to bring on the outside pockets. To keep them safe I usually wrap them in a pajama shirt or something like that. I’ve watched the airport guys just toss bags around and I’ve prefer that my stuff not get broken!

That’s basically it! I still hate packing for things but I brought home a lot of stuff (and ended up forgetting a lot too….bah.) this time that I can wear again and again without having to bring a giant carry-on also, just a backpack to keep my laptop in. My luggage is big but since you pay the same price regardless of the size why not get your money’s worth? I love reading posts about people that can go for a long time with only a carry-on but I just don’t think I will ever get to that point. I need the variety!

xoxoxo Megan


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