Review: Mask of Magnaminty


I’ve had problem skin for a while and I know it’s attributed to a couple main things: I love sugar and I love dairy products. I can’t help it. However, I have recently been looking for new products to try and see which ones do the best at helping with the problems. I’ve tried thousands of different face masks throughout my years but since I only recently got on the Lush train this one has become my favorite!


I actually picked this pot up about a month ago and I would be lying if I said I used it regularly like I planned on so I could really see the effects but I have used it enough that I know it’s a good one. The thing that draws me to it the most – and all of Lush’s products actually – is that they are natural. It feels a lot better on my face as opposed to the other more chemically based products. This one doesn’t need to be refrigerated so I just leave it on my bathroom shelf with all my other stuff. Plus Mask of Magnaminty has aduki beans mixed in so when you remove the mask it acts like an exfoliant as well! They are really gentle and with this I don’t feel like they are tearing at my skin – you know what I mean? I’ve tried exfoliants before that were almost painful because they were so abrasive.











The consistency is pretty thick but I’ve found that if you cleanse your face first and then apply the mask without drying your face it goes on smoothly. The jar says to leave it on for 5-10 minutes I tend to leave it on a bit longer just to make sure all the business really gets into my skin. The base of the product is peppermint which really gives a cooling effect on the skin and helps cut down on the redness. The smell isn’t overpowering or too perfume-y. It just smells really natural. I hate products that are super floral or intense, this one is just fine and once it dries on your skin it doesn’t smell at all.


I haven’t used it anywhere else except my face but it does claim to be a body mask as well. I don’t really need it anywhere but my face and so far I love what it has done. It leaves my skin feeling super smooth and soft and helps clear up any gross bits I may have going on. It’s not necessarily an acne treatment but I have noticed a reduction in pore size and help old acne scars.


Like most of the Lush pots this one is part of the “bring in 5 empties and get one free” program which is super nice. Anyone who loves Lush knows that it’s not really the cheapest products – this pot was around $20 for 11.1 oz – but you also have to think of the positives; the company helps tons of charities, the products are fresh, no animal testing, recycled packaging, etc. I feel okay with spending a little more for a much better product and that I’ve had it for about a month and haven’t even gone through half the pot yet.

xoxoxox Megan


*All opinions are my own. I purchase this product with my own money.


Nerium Journey #2

image2So I have officially been part of the company for 2 weeks and 2 days. And, I haven’t really made any progress. Actually I have made some, I’ve been doing a lot of prospecting and getting the information out to people but as far as actually signing people up….no. It’s a lot harder than people like and lead you to believe. Not to say that I’m giving up but I defiantly think I need to rethink my approach with it. Now I’ll be honest and say that I have been slacking a bit. I know if I had truly grinded it out that I would be where I want to be but that’s just not the case. Life sometimes gets in the way of things and this type of business is something that you really need to be feeling or you just won’t do it. If I have an off day or five it’s going to show unfortunately.

I’m not giving up though. I do really believe the company is great and I have a great image1opportunity here for me I just have to get out of my own way and really get moving with it. In 6ish months there is another conference like the one that was in Long Beach but this one is in San Jose and I want to be much further than I am now at the next one. I just need to get moving with it. My approach so far has mostly been social media. I think it’s a good way to go about it, and actually I know it is because I just heard a girl talk about that’s how she gets almost all her people, and I plan on sticking with that style of marketing. I think it’s the best way for me to get people from Mexico and Canada because, lets be real, I don’t know anyone from either of those countries and since the company is so new there it would be a perfect time to jump on those markets!

I had gotten my success pack in the mail about a week ago and I’ve been using the product every day/night since getting it. I really like it! I read a lot of things about people saying it smelled bad and stuff like that. I don’t think it smells overly great but it’s not unbearable like some people were making it seem like. It just smells like plants and once you work it all into your skin you honestly can’t even smell it anymore. Not only did my Nerium Success Packpack come with product it also came with a bunch of materials for getting started. There are planners in it, materials to hand out to people, reading to teach you how to grow your business and a bunch of other things. I looked through it briefly and they do give you a bunch of great stuff, now I just need to be more proactive with it.

I have about 15 more days to Fast Start Qualify and be able to get a couple perks that come with that. In order to FSQ I need to find three people to sign up and become a brand partner. This is where the real work comes in, I need to find those people! I don’t know if I’m just looking/searching in the wrong areas or what but I always seem to get straight up no’s or no response. This is probably why most people give up so soon in this kind of business but I won’t. I will find those people!


xoxoxo Megan


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