Review: Mask of Magnaminty


I’ve had problem skin for a while and I know it’s attributed to a couple main things: I love sugar and I love dairy products. I can’t help it. However, I have recently been looking for new products to try and see which ones do the best at helping with the problems. I’ve tried thousands of different face masks throughout my years but since I only recently got on the Lush train this one has become my favorite!


I actually picked this pot up about a month ago and I would be lying if I said I used it regularly like I planned on so I could really see the effects but I have used it enough that I know it’s a good one. The thing that draws me to it the most – and all of Lush’s products actually – is that they are natural. It feels a lot better on my face as opposed to the other more chemically based products. This one doesn’t need to be refrigerated so I just leave it on my bathroom shelf with all my other stuff. Plus Mask of Magnaminty has aduki beans mixed in so when you remove the mask it acts like an exfoliant as well! They are really gentle and with this I don’t feel like they are tearing at my skin – you know what I mean? I’ve tried exfoliants before that were almost painful because they were so abrasive.











The consistency is pretty thick but I’ve found that if you cleanse your face first and then apply the mask without drying your face it goes on smoothly. The jar says to leave it on for 5-10 minutes I tend to leave it on a bit longer just to make sure all the business really gets into my skin. The base of the product is peppermint which really gives a cooling effect on the skin and helps cut down on the redness. The smell isn’t overpowering or too perfume-y. It just smells really natural. I hate products that are super floral or intense, this one is just fine and once it dries on your skin it doesn’t smell at all.


I haven’t used it anywhere else except my face but it does claim to be a body mask as well. I don’t really need it anywhere but my face and so far I love what it has done. It leaves my skin feeling super smooth and soft and helps clear up any gross bits I may have going on. It’s not necessarily an acne treatment but I have noticed a reduction in pore size and help old acne scars.


Like most of the Lush pots this one is part of the “bring in 5 empties and get one free” program which is super nice. Anyone who loves Lush knows that it’s not really the cheapest products – this pot was around $20 for 11.1 oz – but you also have to think of the positives; the company helps tons of charities, the products are fresh, no animal testing, recycled packaging, etc. I feel okay with spending a little more for a much better product and that I’ve had it for about a month and haven’t even gone through half the pot yet.

xoxoxox Megan


*All opinions are my own. I purchase this product with my own money.


Let’s Talk: Bathing Suits!

It’s getting hot. At least it is in Los Angeles – I heard it recently snowed again in Iowa but whatever. Anyway, beach season is fast approaching (I’ve actually already gone!) and I was going through my bathing suits and was less than satisfied with the ones I wore last year. We all have experienced and know they get all stretched out from going in the water and the sun fades them, so it was definitely time for a new one. I’ve never had a terrible time finding bathing suits that work well for me but it’s not like I can cruise into Target quick and just pick something up. Unless I want to look like a 50 year old grandma in one of these, all the curvy girls know what I’m talking about!


Now this actually isn’t that bad…..if you’re 50. I’m 22. In the stores defense, they have been getting much better than in past years.

Anyway, a store that I really love and cyber window shop often is Torrid they have really awesome options for curvy girls/women/ladies/whatever. They specialize in it so you know they have all the hardware necessary to keep all the goods in place – which is something I was definitely looking for! I get wild in the ocean/pool and don’t want to have to worry about anything popping out! I have been shopping there for a while and loved the look of their new bathing suits. I went into the store before I went to the beach about a week ago and I am so happy that I did. I ended up finding two bathing suits that I love (and a ton of other stuff, there was a big sale going on and I got another percentage off, you know how that goes! I’ll be making a haul post about it all in the next couple of days.) Here are the ones I picked:



This is the first combo that I bought. I have never had a two piece bathing suit before because, like I said, I get wild in the water! Originally I wanted the anchor printed two piece that I saw on the website but the store I went to didn’t have that option. Instead they had the red polka dotted one which I thought was really cute but they didn’t have a size that fit – I’m busty but not as big as the ones in the store were! And, I was going to the beach that day so I couldn’t wait, nothing like a little procrastination, huh? Moving on, I picked this blue top which I really liked the color of and noticed that it’s more of a flowy, empire waist design, which is nice because then it’s not all snug against you and conceals¬†the tummy a bit which is always nice! The website shows the blue top all matchy-matchy with blue bottoms but 1.) I don’t live that kind of life and 2.) the store didn’t have blue bottoms. They did however have these cute striped ones that I LOVE! I paired them together and think it looks magnificent!!

The top is “Natural Support” but does have removable padding in the cups and offers a back strap, literally there is a bra inside this bathing suit top, that is perfect and adjustable so you can move it around to right where you need it to be. The straps on this top are convertible so you can wear it cross back or regular, which is nice if you don’t want a big X on your back from the sun – I personally like having weird tan lines! There is also underwire and some ruching under the cups to keep “the girls” in place and make them look pretty good! I personally, thought it was a bit too flowy once I got it to fit my bust perfectly so I did take a little in on each of the sides, but other than that this top is amazing and I’m totally happy with it!

suits3 suits4 suits5

*I’m not sure what happen with this last picture – it distorts the color A LOT. The other pictures are more true to the color blue that the bathing suit is!

The bottoms I got to go with this top are high-waisted which is nice and quite flattering – these are shown with a crop top but again, 1.) store didn’t have those and 2.) I’m pretty ballsy but I don’t know about that…. I really, really love the look of these bottoms! I love the ruched middle section which helps hide any tummy issues and the contrasting print is pretty cute. The legs do cut a bit higher than I usually wear but it’s not too serious. Plus, they are high-waisted and my top came all the way down so I just pulled them down a bit to give me a more retro looking cut on my leg and across the back. Some of the reviews said that the print makes you look wider since there is a horizontal stripe but I got the opposite reaction myself and from other people!

suits6 suits7

We didn’t get too many pictures because we were too busy running in and out of the ocean, building sand castles, tanning, and screaming from all the seagulls that kept flying WAY to close!


The second bathing suit I got was a one-piece like I usually pick out. I haven’t worn it out yet but I tried it on several times since I bought it and I do really like it a lot. I was worried that it looked a bit like lingerie but….oh well! Los Angeles is known for having cuties crawling the beaches so if it gets them looking, no harm, no foul, right? RIGHT.



This bathing suit is similar in style top as the other top that I got in that it also has the built in bra style as well as the ruching down the center front for tummy control and a slimming effect. This bathing suit is also “Natural Support” but has the removable padding and the underwire support. The leg on this one also is a bit higher but again, nothing to severe. These straps are also completely adjustable and convertible. I really love the leopard center panel – it’s pretty sexy – and especially the black sides, it has such a slimming effect on the body!

suits10 suits11 suits12 suits13

Bathing Suit Tips:

  • TRY IT ON FIRST. I cannot stress this enough. You never know the cut, how the fabric stretches, the true color, how fitted it is, etc. All these things are super important and lets be real you’re going to be in public in the most socially acceptable form of basically underwear! If you can’t try it on first, make sure it’s returnable, what are you going to do with a bathing suit that doesn’t fit you!?
  • Try multiple sizes. I literally tried on three different sizes in each suit that I tried on just to make sure I had the one that fit and looked the best on me. Bathing suits are NOTHING like regular clothing so obviously they aren’t going to fit like that.
  • Look for options that have “enhancements” such as tummy control, bust support, padding, etc. These things are there to make you look better, use them!
  • Try different styles! This is the first time I’ve ever worn a two piece bathing suit and I love it!
  • Mix and Match. Don’t just base your decisions on how the company styled the product!
  • Do not machine wash/dry – it just ruins the suit! And, lets be real, bathing suits are expensive to only be worn one season a year. Take care of them!

Definitely loving both of these purchases – it was just a ridiculously good day shopping that day! Like I said, I got a whole bunch of other stuff too so I’ll be showing that off soon!

xoxoxox Megan