Everything to Wear Cleanse: Clothing Count

So I have finally gotten around to counting all my clothes. Not that I was overly busy but I know I have a lot and just didn’t want to do it. Pure laziness. I know…..

So I went through literally everything, even my clothes that need to be washed. Sorted, made a donation pile of stuff that I know I never wear, a toss pile for things that are beyond wear but have no idea why I still have them, refolded, and reorganized everything. I ended up having to just toss a lot more than I am able to donate, which is unfortunate but I hate when I go to the thrift/donation store and see kids old camp t-shirts and trash like that. I mean, come on I get beggars can’t be choosers (which is a terrible way to look at things like this) but no one truly wants to wear that. So I just don’t even bother. I’m going to research the best way to get rid of clothing items that are beyond wear because I don’t want to hurt the pretty CA land if there is a better way!

Moving on; here are the final totals:

Coats: 4

Dresses: 30

Bottoms (including jeans and athletic pants/leggings): 26

Tops (knits, tanks, blouses): 42

Sweaters (pull overs, hoodies, cardigans): 40

Skirts: 11

Shoes: 34

Mmmhmm….without shame too. I didn’t add in the clothes I wear to hike/actually workout in because I don’t wear them for any other reason except that so they don’t really count. T-shirts also, I never wear just a t-shirt, only to sleep in and pajamas weren’t making this list. That would just be silly. Now after seeing these numbers I definitely do not need to be shopping. Honestly though, I do wear all of these things! I was good with this and didn’t do the usual “well, I maybe can wear this to this…” Nope, if I couldn’t think of the last time I wore it (within a reasonable time frame) I tossed or donated it. I haven’t gone through my accessories (bags, hats, scarves, etc.) yet but I know I have a lot more to add to my donation pile from there. It’s rather liberating to get rid of stuff and free up some space!

Seeing these numbers also makes me realize that I have tons of options I just need to do a better job of putting my things together into outfits. Along with reorganizing I found that I have tons of tights, socks, and other fun things to add to my outfits to make them seem less drab. I’ve also created a lot more closet space. I freed up a whole drawer, a little rail in my closet (which is in a stupid spot and I’m going to keep clear to make it look less packed), a couple little shelves, and a bin (ya know those fabric ones). I have an insanely small (like not a joke, it’s unreal) closet so it was nice to be able to have some more room so everything isn’t all cramped in there!

xoxoxo Megan


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Everything to Wear Cleanse

So I have fallen off the blog fest again. And I was doing so well! Bah, oh well life gets in the way sometimes. Anywho;


That’s Emily! She is my super friend that I met while attending FIDM together. She recently started a new blog; Everything to Wear (check her out!). The basis of the blog is to only shop 2 days out of the whole year. YIKES! I personally am a shopaholic and when I first saw on her Instagram that she was doing this I was like, “WHAAAAA?!” but then she said I should do it too and I decided to take on the challenge.

The Guidelines:

-No clothing, shoes, or accessories shopping for 363 days.

– Shopping days come twice a year: Summer (June), Mid-Fall (November)

This may kill me. But it’s true, I have so many clothes, it’s unreal. And most of them I honestly don’t wear. Being a fashion design major means I should be able to remake everything into something I would wear, right? Right! So this is where my life will be headed the next year. I’ll also be excited for the money that will be saved!

Tomorrow will be the first day of my cleanse in which I will be counting how much of each thing I have (coats, dresses, bottoms, blouses/shirts, sweaters, & shoes – Emily included scarves but I’m not going to count accessories because I have so many and just make it a point to wear everything) and see what I’m working with. This is also a great time for my to actually start using the Closet+ app that I had gotten a long time ago but never really utilized. It keep track of how often you wear something. If it gets to the end of the year and I haven’t worn something more than a couple times (other than special occasion) it’s leaving me.

I think it will also be fun to show the different combinations that I come up with for clothing that I have and new ways to wear it all! I do need to go through my clothes and see what I actually am going to add to this adventure and things that are truly just taking up space and I know for a fact are not going to be worn.

xoxoxo Megan


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