Everything to Wear Cleanse: Clothing Count

So I have finally gotten around to counting all my clothes. Not that I was overly busy but I know I have a lot and just didn’t want to do it. Pure laziness. I know…..

So I went through literally everything, even my clothes that need to be washed. Sorted, made a donation pile of stuff that I know I never wear, a toss pile for things that are beyond wear but have no idea why I still have them, refolded, and reorganized everything. I ended up having to just toss a lot more than I am able to donate, which is unfortunate but I hate when I go to the thrift/donation store and see kids old camp t-shirts and trash like that. I mean, come on I get beggars can’t be choosers (which is a terrible way to look at things like this) but no one truly wants to wear that. So I just don’t even bother. I’m going to research the best way to get rid of clothing items that are beyond wear because I don’t want to hurt the pretty CA land if there is a better way!

Moving on; here are the final totals:

Coats: 4

Dresses: 30

Bottoms (including jeans and athletic pants/leggings): 26

Tops (knits, tanks, blouses): 42

Sweaters (pull overs, hoodies, cardigans): 40

Skirts: 11

Shoes: 34

Mmmhmm….without shame too. I didn’t add in the clothes I wear to hike/actually workout in because I don’t wear them for any other reason except that so they don’t really count. T-shirts also, I never wear just a t-shirt, only to sleep in and pajamas weren’t making this list. That would just be silly. Now after seeing these numbers I definitely do not need to be shopping. Honestly though, I do wear all of these things! I was good with this and didn’t do the usual “well, I maybe can wear this to this…” Nope, if I couldn’t think of the last time I wore it (within a reasonable time frame) I tossed or donated it. I haven’t gone through my accessories (bags, hats, scarves, etc.) yet but I know I have a lot more to add to my donation pile from there. It’s rather liberating to get rid of stuff and free up some space!

Seeing these numbers also makes me realize that I have tons of options I just need to do a better job of putting my things together into outfits. Along with reorganizing I found that I have tons of tights, socks, and other fun things to add to my outfits to make them seem less drab. I’ve also created a lot more closet space. I freed up a whole drawer, a little rail in my closet (which is in a stupid spot and I’m going to keep clear to make it look less packed), a couple little shelves, and a bin (ya know those fabric ones). I have an insanely small (like not a joke, it’s unreal) closet so it was nice to be able to have some more room so everything isn’t all cramped in there!

xoxoxo Megan


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Trends: Fall/Winter ’14

So many of you know that I went (and still go to) FIDM and graduated last June with a degree in Fashion Design. I would like to get back into it more and have decided to start doing more fashion related things with my little blog here. Obviously it makes the most sense so lets just move right along, shall we? Each season I will bring to you some of the newest trends and then give a sort of shopping list of some pieces that I think will be a great staple in your wardrobe for that particular trend. Now, normally I’m not really one to following trends (how hipster of me….bleh.) but I know a lot of people like to know what is going on in the fashion world, so this is why I do it. P.S. sorry this one is a bit late as the season is already here, but what can you do?

The Sixties

I love me some Twiggy and I was so happy to see a lot of throwbacks and designs that were paying homage to the past. I love vintage inspired looks and tons of top designers were showing mini-skirts and trapeze dresses that were iconic to that time period.

Sixties Dresses



Knits are great because they let you feel like you’re wearing pajamas all day and it’s totally acceptable and (most of the time) they don’t get wrinkly! This season shows a lot of all over knit styles which I am totally all for, and according to Vogue Paris they are done best in neutral tones – but where is the fun in that? I say if you’re going for the all over knit look I like to wear wide-legged, bold printed pants and a solid knit top. It’s my go to “acceptable pajama feeling outfit” every time.



I love wearing metallic colors and until recently I was always a silver kind of girl but now I’m all over that gold! The runways were full of this rich color and it was seen in every form; dresses, separates, skirts, pants, coats/jackets, etc. Gold is definitely in right now and it’s a great look for the holidays too!


Animal Print and Fur

Leopard/Cheetah is perfect year round but I especially love it during the winter months, even more so with the fur (faux of course…at least for me!). There is just something so sexy and cozy about it. Just remember, like everything in this world, please do it in moderation. A top or coat looks amazing but all over animal print – or heaven forbid an all over fur number- plunges your wild side into tacky and just…..weird.


Obviously there are so many more and quick Google search will get you into all of that, plus so much more. These were just some of my favorites and some of my favorite pieces that I came across while looking for some examples. I really, really want a leopard printed coat for this winter and have been on the look out for a while. The only thing is I live in SoCal and would probably only wear it the short time I was back in Iowa. Boooo! I want more cold weather so I can have cute coats!!! Ha! Such a baby and I’m sure everyone living anywhere else is totally side-eyeing me right now.

Which trends are you’re favorites right now?!

xoxoxo Megan


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