New Years Eve

Okay, so can you believe it’s 2015? And, we’re two days into it?! Time truly flies but then crawls at the same time. I don’t understand. But anyway I had a great New Years Eve this year. Last year it snowed so bad in Iowa that I ended up just staying home and falling asleep well before midnight. It’s okay though I made up for it this year! A lot of people asked why I chose to stay in Iowa for NYE rather than being in L.A. and honestly it’s because it’s more fun. L.A. is so expensive and wanna be exclusive that I would rather be in Iowa. And, L.A. people get a little scary when it comes to intense celebrations. I didn’t know what I wanted to wear at first but then went with something that wasn’t too serious but still made a major splash. It also helped that I was the tallest person in every bar I went into and I had a huge top knot. Whatever, I live for the applause.

New Years Eve Outfit

Leggings: Torrid | T-Shirt: H&M | Jacket: Cato | Booties: Target | Necklace: Cato | Bracelet: VidaKush

These are seriously my favorite leggings ever. They have side mesh panels that make them a bit more interesting than just regular black leggings. And, they are thicker than regular leggings. I hate when things stretch and become somewhat transparent. It’s just not a good look.


I got this jacket for Christmas! I had never heard of the store Cato before but now I’m a bit obsessed. One had just opened in Iowa and the lady told me they originated in Alabama but are only as far west as Colorado. Which sucks, I wish they were in California too. The price point is awesome and the sales are unreal. Look for one around where you live for sure! The gold necklace I paired with it was also from Cato. I really like it the only issue is that it sits a bit high around my neck but that’s not the biggest deal.


A couple of Kim K selfies for Instagram and I was ready for the night out! I had a great time with friends and on New Years Day I slept in for a while and awoke to my mother making breakfast. Ideal situation if you ask me!


xoxoxo Megan


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