Haul: E.L.F. (face)

And, we are now finally to the end of this super large haul of lovely beauty/makeup products. Here were the eyes and the lips segments – definitely give those a look! The final installment is all about the face products that I got. I have never tried an E.L.F. foundation before because I am honestly hooked on the Rimmel London Stay Matte foundation. I don’t think I will ever be able to get away from this. It’s pretty light weight but it builds up nicely in the areas where I need it the most.

E.L.F. - Face

The thing I really wanted was the green primer because it helps a lot of redness but it was out of stock when I made this order so I had to try something else. I also have tried the purple primer and that works well also. I don’t think the green was discontinued or anything like that I believe it was just out of stock because people were stocking up. I know they sell it in the stores for the same $3 price. I highly recommend it!

E.L.F. - hydrating primer

Hydrating Primer

The first primer I picked was this hydrating primer. I tend to have drier skin when I first get back to L.A. and if I spend a lot of time outside. Plus the use of the Stay Matte foundation, I do need a little something. I haven’t used it too many times because it does get a little oily as the day goes on if I use it all over my face. It (all of the E.L.F. primers do actually) feels really nice going on and is great if my skin is really dry but I never use it all over my face just on the dry areas.

E.L.F. - poreless primer

Poreless Primer

The second primer I got was this poreless primer. I tend to have really large looking pores sometimes – purely because I never drink enough water. I do see a reduction in pore size after using the product, however it obviously doesn’t completely mask the pores on your face. This also has a really silky feeling going on and doesn’t get as greasy has the hydrating primer. I can use this one all over my face and be okay for the entire day. However, neither of these work quiet as well as the green tinted primer.

E.L.F. - fan brush

Studio Fan Brush

I really like the E.L.F. brushes! They aren’t too expensive and they work well for me. I had a fan brush but it was really big and I would end up looking like a disco ball after getting my highlight on. I picked this smaller fan and it has been working well. The bristles are synthetic and are a bit scratchy if I get wild and hit my face wrong but it works well just the same. I haven’t cleaned the brush yet (I just started using it actually since I’ve been in Iowa) so I can’t comment on how it holds up when cleaned. All of my other brushes are fine so I would assume that this one would be good too.

E.L.F. - blending sponges

Blending Wedges

I needed some new blending sponges and needed spend a couple more dollars to get the free shipping so I picked these. The idea of reusing a sponge really grosses me out – I don’t know why because I reuse my brushes – so I always get disposable ones. I only use them for foundation and blending concealer so I just buy them from the dollar/99 cent store. But like I said, I needed to spend a bit more and needed new sponges. These come in a little round circle and are great for blending. I have noticed a difference – these are dope! The only thing I’m not too wild about is they smell really, really intensely of a dentist’s office when you first open them. Like my eyes watered. I love going to the dentist but this smell was out of this world. I don’t know why they smelled like that but I had to leave the package open for a while to let them air out.

E.L.F. - radiance enhancer

Radiance Enhancer – Sunrise

I have never used anything like this before. I assumed it was kind of like a liquid highlight. Which is basically is, it has a really shiny finish to it, the only weird thing is it comes off as this mauve color. The shine is pretty intense and the weird color it leaves behind makes me not want to use it that much. I have and I would definitely say less is more because of the colors it has in it and the shine factor. I plan on doing more research on this product to see if other brands have something comparable and if they also come out in a strange purpley/pinky/beige tone.

E.L.F. - pressed powder

Pressed Powder – Buff

The final face product is a pressed powder. I have never tried this product before I usually got the translucent E.L.F. and the color corrector (which I don’t like, it comes off almost white which looks weird on me since I’m usually pretty to very tan) powder but I like this one so much better! The translucent one is nice but this powder has a little bit of color in it which helps mask my problem areas even more without having to add more foundation. It’s not overly heavy or matte and just gives your skin a nice smooth look. It does get a little bit dusty when you swirl the brush in it (it also comes with a little cosmetic round but I never use them, again, it freaks me out) but that goes along with it only being $3. But considering it is $3 this is a great product and I will definitely be buying this again.


Phew! That completes the E.L.F. haul. Took a while but we made it. Again all of this stuff only cost me $40. How awesome?! I’ve used pretty much everything and 95% of the stuff I am in love with and will totally buy again. I posted this on Instagram the other day showing that even when I travel I bring ALL of my makeup. What? It’s an obsession!


xoxoxo Megan


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