I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas – if you celebrate – or just a nice holiday of some kind! I had a good Christmas, got great stuff! However, there still hasn’t been any snow here so that’s a bit of a bummer. Been mad cold but no snow, which makes me wonder what is the point?

Christmas Tree

This year for Christmas I didn’t really want to buy anything. I love the idea of making people’s presents and my no shopping cleanse goes right along with that. Plus I like things that are super unique, I don’t want anyone else to have this, kind of person so retail shopping sometimes frustrates me. Not enough to keep me from doing it, but you know what I’m saying? I genuinely hate when I see other people wearing things that I have. I am a original hipster. Bahhh…..

This year I was struggling a little bit to think of something to make for my brother. He is super techy and likes electronics. 1.) super expensive and 2.) I don’t know how to build those kinds of things. I make pretty much anything but wires and stuff freak me out. I usually get him one of those Visa gift cards that you can use anywhere but that’s boring! Instead I opted to use that “Food” board on Pinterest that I stash stuff on but never use, and make him a bunch of treats. He is super picky but I knew I had some good peanut butter/chocolate combinations on there that he would love. I ended up making him 4 different things:

1.) Peanut Butter Bomb Bars – Six Sister’s Stuff

2.) Cookies and Cream Rice Krispie Treats – Annie’s Eats

3.) Captain Crunch Peanut Butter Puppy Chow – The Housewife in Training Files

4.) S’mores – TipJunkie

Christmas Treats

This was taken later that day, everything was originally FULL. I’d say he liked everything – especially the bomb bars! The puppy chow is now gone. He couldn’t eat it the day of because we had other events to go to and he was in black. Black and powdered sugar….not a good mix! Some of the recipes I modified a little bit just to taste. Funny story; he was home the whole time I was making them and we are both nosey (we get it from our mother) so he was asking me what I was doing. I told him I had to go to a party with friends the day after Christmas and wouldn’t have time to make the stuff later. Of course he wanted everything so I told him IF I had any extras I’d save them for him. HA! Little did he know – it was all for him. Not too much gets by him but I am just too slick.

Next, for my mother I knew I wanted to sew her something. I haven’t ever made her anything and being a mother she loves stuff like that. I was finishing school and didn’t have time to do anything too serious and I wouldn’t have a machine at home so I opted for some infinity scarves that I knew she would wear everywhere she went. And she has. These were super easy to make and pretty inexpensive too. I picked these colors for her, she has green eyes (which I didn’t get….) and loves to wear bright colors – we are quite similar.

Infinity Scarves

Loved them! This Christmas was great. I gave people gifts that they loved and I didn’t have to cry later on when I looked at my bank account! Win, win all around.

xoxoxo Megan


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