Birthday Swag

Sunday (the 21st) was my 23rd birthday. Yes, I am now 23. It’s weird to think that I’m that old already. And now the T-Swift song no longer applies to me which is tragic. ANYWAY;

My birthdays are usually pretty low key and just my family members come over. This year I went out with my friends the night before so I was pretty amped for it to just be low key. Like I said, just family members came over and my mom made me a cake in the shape of a Minnie Mouse bow – I honestly haven’t aged a day past 5 though truly. I got some pretty good gifts this year, especially the clothing items since I won’t be shopping for some time.


Purple Top: N/A | Coral Sweater: Liz Claiborne | Black/Red Scarf: Cejon | Mixed Print/Lace Scarf: Figure-8 | Boots: Eastwood

Berry colors are always what people pick for me. Which I’m totally fine with. I either like really bright colors or black. I also really like scarves, which I got two new ones. I tend to wear them year round – yes, even in the hot SoCal heat. I also got some new boots! they are a blueish color and super cool. I don’t have any shoes this color but I’ve thought of a lot of outfits to wear them with! Also; they are the Selena Gomez brand which makes me die laughing. I honestly love them though!

These were the major items. I also got money and gift cars but those are boring to show. However, my aunt is hilarious; she gave me mashed potatoes and a pumpkin pie along with money. My favorites! There was definitely no complaining going on there! My grandmother also always makes me sugar cookies – again no complaints, I love them. And, lets be real; food is definitely a good gift.


All good stuff. It’s always so interesting to me to see where people get stuff. Like ShopKo, first of all I didn’t even know it was still open and second I would never go in there. My mother though, queen of that store! She find such good stuff in there that you would never know that’s where it came from! Blows my mind. My grandmother is good at that kind of stuff too. They both can always find the ultimate diamonds in the rough!

xoxoxo Megan


Nerium Infomation | Nerium Products



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