Haul: E.L.F. (lips)

Here we go; back in the makeup haul game. The last post was about the eyes which I have been using a lot and am happy to say that the mascara is working wonderfully! My eyelashes still don’t want to stay curled for any length of time but the actual mascara is really nice. I don’t like when it is too clumpy and takes 1,000 years to get off – this stuff isn’t like that at all.

But onto the lips!



Here are all the lip related things that I picked out. I have been on a lipstick kick lately and the last time I got new makeup I got a couple of the E.L.F. lipsticks and loved them – so of course I needed the other ones too.


Studio Moisturizing Lipstick


Left to Right: Party in the Buff, Pink Minx, Flirty & Fabulous, Coral Cutie

These lipsticks are really, really nice. I honestly don’t usually like shiny lipsticks, I’m more of a matte person, but these feel great and have a pretty good lasting power. Above is also a picture of the colors swatched on my hand. (Other colors I have: Velvet Rope)


Essential Lipstick


Left to Right: Posh, Voodoo, Classy

The next lipsticks I got were from the Essentials line. These are nice, they are pretty matte, however you do have to give them quite a few swipes to get the color to show up. Being real though; they are $1.00 so can you really complain? Absolutely not. I did notice that the color on the tubes for these lipsticks and the next lip colors are kind of completely wrong. Meaning the color I thought they were going to be from looking at the swatch online is literally nothing like the color they actually are. Again though, they were a $1.00. Actually, for me, $0.50 because I got them during the sale. (Other colors I have: Flirtatious, Nostalgic)


Studio Matte Lip Color


Left to Right: Rich Red, Coral

I LOVE these lip colors! They are super matte and pigmented – which is exactly what I love. The only thing is I thought the red was a deep, dark red (if you look at the sample online you’ll know what I mean) when in reality it is a brighter, Christmas red. I still love it but it just wasn’t was I was expecting. (Other colors I have: Nearly Nude, Tea Rose)


Essentials Lipliner




Left to Right: Spice, Bitter, Bark, Natural Blush

Another thing that I have been obsessed with is lipliner. I didn’t really wear it before but now I can’t put a lipstick on without it. I’m also in a phase where my liner doesn’t exactly match but I’m totally okay with it. Is that weird? I don’t care. These are nice – also only a $1.00 – but I go through them pretty quickly. Also they come with a sharper which is dope but it also means I have several of them which is a bit unnecessary. Oh well!

I’ve gone to a couple holiday family events and have only been using my new makeup to get my looks. Here is a snapchat that I saved – don’t lie like you don’t save the ones you’re killing the game in! I have all E.L.F. on – except my BB cream is Revlon, but whatever. I also redyed my hair – it’s now a darker purple and I actually like it a lot. Before I would mix pink in with the purple but this time I left it all purple and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.


xoxoxo Megan


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