Haul: E.L.F. (eyes)

I love makeup. I wear it everyday. Even if I’m not going anywhere and I’m staying in my pajamas all day. I’m that girl in a full beat and footie pajamas. It’s just who I am! With that being said I finally used all the gift cards for E.L.F. that I had been hoarding for the year waiting for the Black Friday 50% off sale. Yep, everything was 50%. I’ll be honest, I went  a bit ham sandwich but why not it was all half off! This is the time to go bananas – 50% off and gift cards.  I actually had a bit of trouble using up the gift cards. I had a lot racked up and then I was like $2 away from free shipping so I got all of this for $2 out of my own pocket. I would say that was a good deal! Also; E.L.F. is truly my favorite brand of makeup. It’s not super expensive but they have a great selection and it’s a pretty good quality considering how much it costs. I kind of have this thing with spending a lot of money on makeup (i.e. $70 for foundation) because….come on….you’re just going to wash it off in about 12 hours anyway! But moving on to the goods:


As you can see it’s pretty serious. For that reason I will splitting this up into different sections; eyes, lips, face. Ha….the name of the brand. Okay, no, moving on. The first section we are going to tackle are the eyeballs!

E.L.F. - eyes

The one thing that I absolutely needed when I went into this was a new eyebrow pencil. I LOVE these ones! I tend to run through them semi fast so I got a couple. I have kind of a weird eyebrow color. It’s literally like a charcoal color so they aren’t black but they aren’t brown and if I use either of those it looks disgusting. I have found that this pencil works the best for my eyebrows and it’s double ended with an ivory highlight color which is nice.


The next thing I went for in the eyes is some mascara. Now I tend to struggle with finding a mascara that can handle my eyelashes. I actually am a rare breed; I have two rows of eyelashes naturally. However, they don’t want to stay curled for anything. Those babies are straight as a needle and don’t want to live any other way. I have tried tons of different mascaras and none of them work. I have never tried an E.L.F. mascara so I thought why not? I had to spend a couple more bucks so I decided to give it a shot.


I saw these eyeshadows and fell in love immediately. I love how the colors go together but are separate so you can wear them with other palettes and colors you may have. And, okay I’ll admit it, the packaging got me a little. It’s so cute! I love the silver glitter! The back of the package even gives you some directions on how to apply all the colors together – which is helpful, I know some people struggle with where the put the colors. I did when I first started wearing “real” makeup.









Back to those eyelashes! I used to wear fake eyelashes every day when I was a bit younger. I loved them! Then I kind of stopped wearing makeup for a while and now that I’m back in the game, I needed some new eyelashes. I’ve never worn E.L.F. lashes before so I wanted to give these a try. I got two sets. The kit that comes with all the goods and then the holiday (again, the packaging…) set that comes with three more pairs of lashes. I don’t like to wear the same ones over and over again so this will be nice. Each one is a different level of thickness and length depending on how serious my look is for that day. A major plus for these lashes is that both came with some clear glue and it has a twist top! If you wear lashes then you understand that annoying little plastic tube that you sometimes get that doesn’t close back up or the white glue that you can see even after it dries. Hate that.


Essential Holiday 4 Piece Eyelash Set | Studio VIP Eyelash Kit

Woo! Eyes are done. Those are all the lovely new products I have to play with for the upcoming holiday season and beyond. I thought I had gotten more eye shadows but then I remembered all the ones I put in my basket I already had. Do you do that? Go to buy something only to remember that you already have it. Thankfully I did. I would have been annoyed to get something again!

xoxoxo Megan


Nerium Infomation | Nerium Products



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