Haul: VidaKush

I’m back with another little jewelry haul I had done. Again, before the cleanse began. I think I subconsciously knew that I was going to do something like this so I decided to get my last couple of fixes in before then. I have one more to do after this one and then there will be no more for a long while! This one is interesting though because it’s only jewelry and it was all made here locally in L.A. Last week my housemates and I went to a closet sale for a girl on Instagram but we ended up looking the jewelry being sold in the back room instead of the closet items.

Everything is from VidaKush. Check them out! It’s all super cool stuff! Here are the things I picked out:


Callisto Septum Ring – Gold


Freya Septum Ring – Silver


Turquoise Teardrop Tibetan Ring

Dragon Fly Knuckle Ring - Silver

Dragon Fly Knuckle Ring – Silver


Starfish Knuckle Ring – Silver


Cassiopeia Cuff

VidaKush: Suzywan Deluxe

Gold and Black Apache Earrings – Suzywan Deluxe (no longer available)

Those were my picks! I love each piece so much. I didn’t know the names of everything until after I looked them up for this blog post. The names of everything fit interestingly into my life for sure. I wear all of them a ton and get a lot of complements on everything, especially the bracelet! I also like that everything is made locally and that I am supporting an L.A. artist.

xoxoxo Megan


Nerium Infomation | Nerium Products



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