Haul: SLOW

A couple (about 3 actually) weeks ago (before I decided not to shop, don’t worry! This stuff and I have a couple more hauls to show are just too good not to share!) my housemate Whitney (she is a super dope musician, was on The Voice Season 2 – she hugged Adam Levine and was on his team…I mean…honestly.) and I went thrift store shopping! Now, I LOVE the idea of thrifting but unfortunately I always seem to find out that unless you’re a tiny one there isn’t much to pick from. We ventured into the territory called Melrose and let me just tell you it’s definitely not an area that I particularly like to frequent. It’s just not really my scene ya know? I’m not quite THAT L.A. to shop there on the regular. However, we did go and she told me about this amazing thrift store called: Slow.

Now I’m not entirely sure if they are truly a thrift store but Whitney said they take vintage looking stuff and other funky clothing items and then sell them back. And, another cool little bonus is that if there is something wrong or super out of date they do repairs on the item. I like that so much better. You know when you find something you actually like and then discover 30 (unintentional) holes in it and they still tryna get you to pay $40 (said like: foety buck)?! Yeah, I hate that too. This place is amazing though. I wish I had snapped a picture of the store because the set up is SO CUTE. That was the other thing I really liked about the store – it wasn’t a giant dump bin of junk that you had to dig through but secretly were terrified of what might be living in the stuff. Slow was super organized and cute and I simply loved it.

I ended up finding some super, super great stuff! I was telling Whitney how bad I wanted a leopard coat and then I looked down…

Leopard Coat

Here she was! This little beauty was mine! I love it and can’t wait to bring it back to Iowa with me to wear in the cold weather. I told my mom about it and she was dying!

Next, I wanted some Christmas sweaters. I have several sweaters but not really that many Christmasy ones. I found these two little beauties and love them dearly.

Christmas Sweater

Christmas Sweater

Also while we were out we found this giant leaf.

Whitney Myer

Such good finds! Like I said, this was pre-shopping cleanse. I swear!

xoxoxo Megan


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