Etsy Shop!

Etsy - Extra Sassy

My Etsy shop is open! Actually, it’s been open since October 4th but whatever! I have already had 2 sales and let me tell you, that is a great feeling. Right now there are some flower crowns and strings up but soon I will have more and more and more!


Etsy - Extra Sassy Floral StringI plan on adding clothing items, more accessories, cosmetic cases and pouches (the one was sold less than an hour after it was listed!), and a bunch of other things that strike my fancy. Everything will be available in a wide range of sizes, as to not discriminate, and each thing will be limited or one of a kind. I am a very unique person, so I don’t want to make a ton of one item and have every single person running around with similar items.

I’m back in school again for my final quarter so right now I am honestly Etsy - Extra Sassy Cosmetic Brushes Casejust trying to get everything in order and getting the time (actually I have tons of time I just seem to waste it more often than not doing stupid things!) to get things done. But I am working on being even more organized with my time so I can accomplish more throughout the day.

But anyway, back to the shop! I hand make everything with tons of love and hope you will find something you adore and will make you smile 😀

xoxox Megan


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