Nerium Journey #1

Let me begin by saying that I genuinely never thought I would ever get involved with this type of business. There is such a negative stigma attached to direct-networking types of businesses and they all are labeled with such nastiness that I always just saw them as something terrible.


Now, let me take you back a couple weeks ago when I got an invitation to join a training session for a company that a friend I have known since we were little was working with. I went to the training session and found it quite interesting but still was a bit put off by the whole situation. I never wanted to be labeled “that girl that always is trying to sell things” and I never wanted my family and friends to not answer their phones or talk to me because they would be worried I wanted to get them to join.

At this same time I had some fraudulent activity on my credit card and had to wait almost 3 weeks before my new one came in the mail. Thank you Home Depot and Visa for being ever so lovely to your people. I love you….

Anyway, I did end up joining and these last couple of days I was able to attend a conference with my upline and find out exactly what the company is all about. I was truly impressed with the whole thing! I think there is great potential to be successful but I also know there will be a lot of work attached to it. I know this isn’t something that will happen over night and that I will need to bust my butt to get it going and gain the financial freedom that the lovely people who they had speak have.


I am still waiting for my starter kit to come in the mail but I have been putting out feelers here and there to get things going. After all I am an incredibly impatient person and wanted to get going asap. And, being at the conference has fired me up quite a bit. Here are my links that I will now add to the bottom of each post with all my other business:

Nerium Infomation | Nerium Products

I wanted to start this series to track my journey with this kind of business and give everyone the real deal about what goes on with these types of things. There will be no boundaries, all the ups and downs will be charted.

Here is a picture of me and the guys from the last day of the convention. Our leader had us sit in the “head” seats so we know what it feels like for next time!


P.S. YEP! I now have purple hair!

xoxox Megan


Nerium Infomation | Nerium Products


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