Life Blog 3: FITL.A.

I’m finally back in L.A.! I got back Thursday night and I am so happy to be here. I was in Iowa for about 3 weeks and it was a biiiiiiit too long. I’m happy to be back here and with all my stuff!


I really need to get my room in order and finish all the little projects that I want to do to make it look all put together and like I imagined  it in my head when I was thinking about what I wanted it to look like. I also have some plans to begin selling some of my work and getting my Etsy going. I know I’ve been saying that for like 10,000 years but now I am so serious about it. I am starting a new quarter in school too so that’s kind of terrifying but I read a thing on Pinterest today that said: “You Will Succeed Because Most People Are Lazy.” I’m just going to keep that in mind!

I bought some new clothes and other fun stuff while I was in Iowa so I will probably be showing that and doing some more looks with all the new stuff!

xoxoxo Megan



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