June Favorites

It’s finally July! How crazy the months fly when you don’t have to actually go into the classroom every day. I do miss it however! Wah! Anyway here is the run down of my favorite things from the last month:

Number 1:

Target: NYX Concealer

NYX Concealer

First of all I didn’t even know that Target sold NYX products, so when I saw that they did I kind of lost it! I love this concealer! I does the job well – hides all my little spots, etc. – and doesn’t feel too heavy. You know how sometimes concealers can get really heavy and cake up in like 5 seconds? This one doesn’t do that at all and it wears really, really nicely.

Number 2:

Target: Neutrogena Men Skin Clearing Acne Wash

Neutrogena Men Skin Clearing Acne Wash

Yes, I know this says it’s for men but whatever – it works! It does have a man smell to it but I kinda like that. However, if I am going somewhere I usually use it and then use my flowery smelling body wash so I don’t smell like a man. I really like this because it evens out all my skin. I don’t really get a lot of breakouts on my back and stuff anymore but I used too and this really helped clear out all the old scars and stuff.

Number 3:

Target: Totally Twisted Shampoo

Target: Totally Twisted Conditioner

Shampoo | Conditioner 

I have curly hair naturally and have been looking and looking for a shampoo/conditioner that will help with keeping my hair curly. I have very thick hair and living in the dry CA air hasn’t been helping it so much. This shampoo and conditioner have been doing a pretty good job of keeping my hair pretty nice. I haven’t been wanting to use a lot of heat tools on my hair recently and this has been helping a lot. And, it smells good!

Number 4:



I kind of started talking about this app in a recent post (read here) but I have been using it a lot more recently and I totally love it. It is literally a mobile closet and is helpful when I’m shopping so I don’t spend money on clothes that I basically already have but may have forgotten about. It also allows me to keep track of how much I wear items. I hate feeling like I never get my moneys worth for the clothing I buy so when I am able to keep track of how often I purchase something that shows me that I am getting my moneys worth and I didn’t just waste money on something that I never wear. It also is useful when traveling because you can make packing lists. I am going to make a more in depth tutorial of this app soon. I totally recommend getting this app!

Number 5:

junefaves1 junefaves2

Guess The Emoji

Now I don’t usually play games like this but I am in LOVE with this one! I like how it makes up all the things using emojis and you have to try and guess what they are. Great way to exercise the brain. At least that’s what I tell myself so I don’t feel atrocious after playing it for an hour. I like to do crossword puzzles so this is KIND OF like that but without the puzzle map, pencil, and paper!

xoxoxox Megan



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