Apps: CocoPPa (icons)

*Disclaimer: I have an iPhone 5S (some things may be different on other phones; Android, etc.)

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this app before or at least shown a picture of it. I truly love everything pink, cute, kawaii, etc. and CocoPPa allows me to get my iPhone looking super cute! I know some people say it’s a virus (which…..I mean….I didn’t know you could get a virus on a cellphone. Maybe I’m really stupid. I don’t know.) and a bunch of other stuff but I personally haven’t had any problems with it and I’ve used it since the day I got my iPhone. I have heard that some people say it used up a lot of their battery but lets be real, iPhone don’t hold a charge for shit – expect that 1%. Have you noticed that it can go from 100% battery life down to 20% in like 10 minutes but you better believe that it can hold that 1% life for at least 3 hours. Its truly perplexing. Anyway, I usually like to change my icons around every couple of months so I have something new to look at. Here are a couple screen shots of my past home screens:


Pretty cute, huh?! I love the app but when I first got it I had a lot of trial and error trying to get it to work and figuring out how it works. It’s Japanese I believe and a lot of the tutorials online were lacking. For the sake of this post I’m going to get rid of the app completely from my phone as if I had just downloaded it for the first time. This is just going to be about the icons for now. There is a lot going on in this app so I’ll take it in sections so it’s not so much all at once! Let’s begin:

Step 001: First things first, you’re going to want to download the app. It’s free in the app store – just search CocoPPa and it will pop up!


Step 002: After this I like to make a list of all the apps I want to make CocoPPa icons for, so I don’t forget any. I don’t make icons for every app I have on my phone – just the ones on my home screen. I also like to put all the basic app icons in different folders to keep them organized and I just slide it onto the second page so you can’t see them. I’m not sure why but you can’t delete the regular apps otherwise the CocoPPa icons won’t work. So I just hide them!


Step 003: Next open up the CocoPPa app! Sign up for an account – it’s free and I’ve never gotten junk e-mails from it – it will make the process much easier. After that there are a couple of different approaches to finding the icons you would like to use.



You can click on the “Hot Icons” arrow – which will take you to the commonly used icons.


The “New Icons” arrow – which are the new icons.


Or all the way to at the bottom is a search bar where you can put in keywords to find icons that are more specific to what you might be looking for. Which ever one you choose, a lot of different icons will show up!

Step 004: At this point I like to look through all the icons and find a bunch of different ones that I like. You will literally “like” these icons and they will show up all together later on. So just go through and like all the icons right now so you don’t have to keep doing this step. To “like” an icon just click on it and it will take you to the creator’s page. From here you can click on the “like” button and you’re good! Now just go back to the icons screen and keep liking some more.



Step 005: After you have found a bunch of icons that you want to use for your apps go to your home screen and then scroll down and click on were it says “Liked Content Folders” and then the “Icons” folder. This will take you to a page that shows all the icons you just liked! Now they are all in one place, much easier that going to look for each one, one at a time!



Step 006: Click on one of the icons that you would like to use and it will take you back to the creator’s page. This time instead of clicking on “Like”, click on “Download.”


and it will start getting the app ready for you to use!


Step 007: Next select the app that the icon is going to be used for. I am making this little camera one for Instagram so I clicked on the Instagram app on the list that pops up. If it’s a more obscure app search for it in the search bar or click on the “My List” and it should be able to locate it for you!


Simply follow the instructions on the next couple of pages:

cocoppa11 cocoppa12 cocoppa13 cocoppa14


Now you’re new icon should be on your home screen! Looks much better doesn’t it?!

Continue with these steps until you have new icons for all the apps you want on your screen! Here is what mine ended up looking like:


I hope this helped and everyone now has super cute home screens! Apparently they recently did an update on the app because it is so much more user friendly now! When I first started using the app you had to put in little codes for each icon you wanted to use, now you just click on the button that pops up. SO MUCH BETTER.

xoxox Megan



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