Childrenswear Line: Sneak Peak!

So I know I have been gone for a bit but its because I’ve been SUPER busy. I am moving AGAIN soon and have been getting everything ready for that. I have so many clothes that its sick and shoes too, I don’t wear a lot of the stuff, so why do I keep it? I’m convinced I’m in the early stages of being a Hoarder. WAHHH! Also, it was midterms for school. It’s tragic that everyone else is done but I’m still chugging along. However, I am working on my second degree already, so that’s nice. But other than that, I have also been working on my line – remember how I have always been talking about launching an Etsy site featuring my designs? Well, I’m finally in the middle stages of getting that going! I have a couple designs ready and some samples that I have been working on. I wanted to give a little peak into what I’ve been working on, not too much though. I’m hoping to have it going soon!


I have 2 different collections going. One is going to be like a Nautical-Americana look and the other is more vintage, solid basic colors with just a little detailing!

xoxoxox Megan



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