Apps: Closet+


Today I bring you a little technology gem. It’s an app (I have an iPhone….if that makes any difference in the world….I have no idea.) called Closet+ and it literally is like taking your whole closet on your phone with you! It also gives me you option to create categories, sub-categories, outfits, outfit categories, packing lists, etc. I haven’t started putting much of the stuff in yet because I am moving (yes, AGAIN) and so I plan on getting a quick snap of everything when I’m moving into the new space and putting everything away.


I have started making all my categories and subcategories though! I think this will help me a lot when I want to make outfits and stuff. Especially packing! I always seem to take the most random stuff and then look even more clownish than I normally do! Anyway, this is just a little intro post about the App. I’ll do a more in depth one once I start actually using it and seeing how it works – if it helps me or if it will just take up more room on my phone!

xoxoxo Megan


*All images are from the website


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