Haul: San Diego and Glendale

Like I said in my last post I was recently in San Diego dog sitting for my aunt while they were on vacation. I posted a picture of Sam (the Pug) on my Instagram while I was down here with him but just in case you don’t follow me (why don’t you though….?) here is a little looksy:


How cute is he?! He is such a good little pup! But anyway, while I was there I went shopping a bit and bought some stuff. Also, the other afternoon I had some time to kill so I found myself at the Glendale Galleria. I seriously love going to that mall! It’s huge!! Here is a quick run down of what I bought:

 Nordstrom Rack


*I couldn’t find any links since these were from The Rack

I took my cousin out to look for a new dress for a dance she had coming up and while there I came across these two Obey tanks! They are men’s but I have another Obey men’s tank and I LOVE wearing it. These ones are a bit drug-happy but whatever, I thought they were cool! I believe they were both $15 which was awesome, I seriously love going to The Rack – best sales ever!



*Couldn’t find a link for these either, probs because they were so on sale?

Okay, normally I am 100% against everything about this. 1.) I hate Kohl’s, most likely because I worked there back in Iowa and it was the worst experience of my life and 2.) I usually think sneaker wedges are he most atrocious things on this earth. But something about this print and the fact that they were 90% off, making them $6.99. How could I not?!

Cotton On



I finally found a maxi skirt that I liked and was long enough! It’s just plain heather grey, knit. I’ve wanted one for a long time now and always just planned on making one but while I was in Glendale I went into Cotton On and I found one! It was pretty cheap too!




*Apparently the print of my pants isn’t available online but in the model picture she is wearing the same pants that I got so this link takes you to the same style.

WOOO! Love me some Target! I’ve had this idea for an outfit in my head for a long time now and I finally found some wide leg (basically socially acceptable pajama pants) stretchy pants and this cool tank top. I wore this outfit yesterday and I was LOVING it. Both items are really soft and I literally felt like I was in pajamas all day except I looked put together.

The Body Shop



*LIPSTICK SHADE: 240 Damson in Distress (matte)

My roommate had recently gotten some of those hair chalk things and I wanted some too! I got the pink and blue and a lipstick because I had always been wanting a dark lipstick recently. I actually wanted black but they didn’t have any – who would have thought that, that lipstick I used for my witch costume would be in fashion!? Anyway, this lip color is beautiful and the chalks add a fun pop to my hair without having to commit to a color. They are pretty messy though!!



xoxoxox Megan



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