Tutorial: Kitten Ears!

Today I have a little DIY/Tutorial for you all on how to make a kitten ears headband! I remember Taylor Swift wore one in her 22 video and then they were available for a while but I never wanted to pay for one since they seemed so easy to just make. Honestly, I HATE paying for things that I know I can make for less than 1/2 the retail price. I actually had most of the stuff on hand already in my craft boxes, I just had to buy the beads.




  • Headband – any kind will work really, I just had these thin, plastic ones on hand and they actually worked really well and aren’t very visible in my hair when I wear the ears.
  • Beads – I opted for pearls and some sparkly silver ones. You, of course, can do whatever you want, this is just what I chose to use!
  • Wire – I had this spool of thin gauge wire already and it worked really well for me. I would maybe recommend getting a slightly thicker gauge than I used because it would make the ears more stable. Really, you just have to consider what kind of beads you’re going to use and get something that the beads will be able to slide over.
  • Glue Gun – not 100% necessary but I used it to make sure the wire wouldn’t slip off the headband.
  • Scissors – or anything else to cut the wire with.

Let’s begin!!

Step 1: Try on the headband and mark where you want your ears to hit on your head. This was another reason I never bought store made ones is because I never liked where the ears hit my head! My headbands had little hair groove things on the bottom so I decided where I wanted one ear to go and then just matched it up on the other side.


Step 2: Cut two pieces of wire long enough to make the ear shape you want and a little more so you have some extra for wrapping around the headband. I just cut two pieces that I knew would be more than enough since I have such a large spool of wire.


Step 3: Wrap one of the pieces of wire around the headband where you marked the edge of one ear. This is where I used the glue gun just to make sure it didn’t slide around at all when I was done.

kittenears4 kittenears5

Step 4: Add your beads! I used two different beads so I just started adding beads until I got enough on here and then started shaping the ear to how I wanted it to look.

kittenears6 kittenears7

Step 5: Once you have the size/shape you want wrap the other end around the headband to create the ear shape. Clip off any excess wire and put some glue around the end of the wire to keep it in place.

kittenears8 kittenears9

Step 6: Repeat for the other side! And you’re done!


Here are your completed kitten ears! I have worn these quite a few times since I made my first pair and I always get a done of reactions from them! I made another pair for my cousin who was really loving them. These are super easy, inexpensive, and quick to make and they add such a fun flair to all your outfits. So much cuter than just a plain headband!

xoxoxo Megan



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