April Favorites!

Ugh. Internet is FINALLY working again! I was in San Diego dogsitting for my aunt last week and for some reason my laptop wouldn’t connect to their WiFi and then when I got home for the last couple of days its been down here. Let me just tell you, iPhones are GREAT but not as your primary internet searching source! That tiny screen does nothing for my aging eyes.

Anyway, this post is going to be about my top 5 favorite (in particular order) things, items, songs, whatever from the previous month! Just a little something new I’m going to try because I like to see what “real” people use and what works for them, so here we go…

Number 1, 2, & 3:



I have been struggling with skin issues for a long time and I usually just cover it with makeup but lets be real, it’s hot here in the summer and the last thing I want to do is have 4 layers of foundation on because I have breakouts! I have tried a whole bunch of different things, even the whole “don’t wash your face, just leave it alone” and nothing really worked or it worked but it stained my pillowcases, made my face REALLY dry and flaky, cost an arm and a leg etc. BUT I think I have found a pretty good combination of items that are inexpensive and seem to be working great. I have been using these three products for the last month or so and have seen huge improvements in my skin. I still have some breakouts here and there but these things take time and I tend to like to eat sugary food which I know doesn’t help (what? I’m a human!) but for the most part this has been working great. I started with just the Cetaphil cleanser and the moisturizer but when I was watching a Goss Makeup Artist YouTube video (do you watch him? You need too!) about skin issues and he said you need something with salicylic acid in it, which I remembered a previous product having that did work well. That is when I introduced the exfoliating wash into the skin care regime. A friend told me that sometimes your skin can get used to products and they stop working so to prevent that I always switch up which things I use. Sometimes I use just the Cetaphil and moisturizer, sometimes I use the Cetaphil then the exfoliating scrub, then moisturizer, sometimes just the exfoliating scrub and moisturizer, and finally sometimes I mix the Cetaphil and exfoliating scrub at once and then moisturize. All of these products are gentle on my skin and don’t cause any rashes or anything (at least on me they didn’t) and I use them twice a day – once in the morning when I wake up and once at night before I go to bed – and have been loving the results so far!

Number 4:



The next thing I have been loving is another beauty item! I have really been finding some great things to use that aren’t expensive but work great. This item is a makeup primer and I have been using primers for a while now but never a “stay matte” one which is something I always have an issue with. I hate looking too shiny! I had the other Rimmel primer that worked fine but I did notice now that I switched to this one that it did leave a bit of a greasy feel to my face – which is exactly the opposite of what I was going for! This primer however, works great. My foundation, etc. stays in place for a long period of time and helps keep the shine down.

Number 5:



I know I only recently got these shoes but I have literally worn them every single day since then. I can’t take them off! I have come up with so many different outfits that they work perfectly for. And, they are very diverse occasion wise too because they are dressy but can also been worn dressed down and even in a professional look because they are closed toe. I seriously just love these shoes! Plus, they kind of remind me of a less creepy Delia Deetz (from Beetlejuice) shoe.

xoxoxox Megan



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