Haul: Pasadena

Recently a friend and I went to Pasadena to do a little shopping. We used to go literally every single weekend but then school got in the way, we realized how much money we were wasting spending, we moved, etc. But we got back there and remembered why we love every minute of it! I got a couple items and we went to eat at this Italian pizza place called Bella’s that we LOVE.


I noticed that I didn’t have very many pairs of pants that I can wear when it starts to get hot out because, lets be real, no one really wants to be wearing jeans in the dead of a Los Angeles summer. I actually was on the hunt for a new wallet but didn’t end up finding one that I loved but I found these lovely items instead!

First H&M:



First I picked out these leopard harm pants. How awesome are these?! I don’t usually like harm pants because I just think it makes you look like you’re wearing a diaper but I’ve found if they have an elastic waist and you size down they don’t look like that – generally, don’t bank on this theory every time! I wore them yesterday and I love them so much. I am pretty tall (5’11) so they didn’t go all the way down to my ankles which is fine, I don’t like the look of them when they go all the way down. And, like I said, I wanted them for summer! I styled them with a white tank top, black cardigan (why is it getting cold again?!), lime green converse, and a kitty ear headband (which I DIY’ed, I’ll make a post about it soon!). I was getting both stares and compliments all day – but leopard legs? How could I say no?! Here is a detailed shot of the leg so you can see the print better and the bottom is elasticized so it shouldn’t stretch and get baggy as the day goes on:



Next I got some new belts. I have always been needing some skinny belts to put around shirts and stuff, I usually just use ribbon but I mean……just no. So I got this pack of three and it was on sale for $5.00 (couldn’t find a website link for them, sorry!) which I thought was a pretty good deal! I really liked the color selection as well, I think I’ll end up getting a ton of use out of these.

After H&M we went to Cotton On (link is to the U.S. store!):

I really, really love this store! It’s pretty cheap and the stuff is usually pretty cute. I usually find a ton of stuff here but today I didn’t see too much that I loved. Just a little PSA though, the sizing here is CRAZY. I have stuff in literally every size from Cotton On, which is a bit weird but whatever. Moving on.



*They don’t have the color I got anymore but they have other cool colors/prints available!

Another pair of harm pants! The brand calls these Studio Pants, maybe because the company is Australian? Anyway! These have a really cool print on them and I loved how they looked. Couldn’t say no. Plus they were 50% off! These are interesting because the waist is elastic but the back waistband is flat and stretchy and the front is also stretchy but has a drawstring. Very interesting construction details! The leg band for these is just flat and doesn’t have any elastic. I haven’t worn them yet so I don’t know if they will stretch and get baggy as the day goes on but we will have to see. Here are some detailed shots of the legs and waistband:

pasadenahaul5 pasadenahaul6 pasadenahaul7

While checking out the woman in front of me donated too a cause they were supporting so she got this tote but didn’t want it so she said to give it to the next person in line, which was me. So I got this cute little tote too, which is nice since L.A. started the no plastic bag thing in stores I always need reusable totes!


And, I almost forgot about this, the last place we went was Sephora:

pasadenahaul9 pasadenahaul10


I have been wanting a lip plumper for a while and I usually liked this snake venom one but I couldn’t remember the brand, the sale’s girl couldn’t remember, it was just tragic. But she recommended this one for me and I have been really loving it! It’s by Bite Beauty and it’s cinnamon so it’s pretty spicy. I liked the other one because it burned, which is sick, but I knew it was working. This one isn’t quite as intense but it does work well. I had a gift card so it was FREEEE (to me at least!).

xoxoxoxo Megan



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