Back In The Game

February is almost over. What is this? I feel like the time is flying but it’s still crawling at the same time. I haven’t been posting too much again because I’ve been very busy! I’m still in school, getting into the swing of my new apartment living situation (I’m back with housemates again, remember?), getting my room put together (I finished my bathroom, pictures are at the bottom), and going to Disneyland! The drive back with my brother from Iowa was something. We had some serious snow in Colorado which wasn’t expected but I have lived with school my whole life so I handled it fine. My little car is running like a champ and I love having a car here now, so I don’t have to take the bus/subway anymore. I still do sometimes if it’s a close thing but for the most part I just drive. Public transportation is just insane and takes too long. School is going…..boring. This quarter is just being ridiculous! I have a lot of group projects that just suck to begin with and even worse, I’m in a group where I’m the only member. Which means I’m doing all the work myself! Awesome, no? NOT! I’ve been sewing a lot more lately and decorating my room more. Like I said, I finished my bathroom but my bedroom is taking a bit longer. I’ve started working on samples for the clothing collections I’m going to launch for Etsy and every time I get it clean, I mess it right back up. Or, I always seem to have a ton of laundry to do. Most of the time I don’t even remember wearing the clothes that need to be washed! I have made a calendar so that I can have more regular posts. It’s hard sometimes to think of things to post about and soon it’s been a month and nothing has been posted. If it’s not planned, chances are I won’t do it. But anyway, picture time:




Here is the new bathroom! Still has all the other decor from my little apartment but the layout is different and this bathroom is a bit smaller! I love how it turned out and everyone that has been in there has lost it. I put the paper ball decoration things that used to be in my kitchen in there which I liked a lot.


This is the new car! Well….new to me. I didn’t want a brand new car because one, I’m only 22 and don’t have that kind of budget and two, I live in Los Angeles. People don’t give two shits about anyone else’s stuff and knew that I would potentially get a bunch of door dings or accidents on the freeway. Now, I have been lucky so far but no promises forever. Not that I want these things to happen but I’d much rather just start with something a bit older instead of a never sat in car. Does that make sense? Anyway, it’s a Nissan Altima. 2007 but it belonged to an older lady who bought it new and apparently she just never drove it! Yay for me!


Next, my nephew was born! Cayson is now about 6 weeks old but here he was only 1 day old. Such a cutie, he looks like a little old man!!


Here is just a pretty picture I took while driving through Colorado. After we made it through the snowstorm!


198 212


While my brother was here visiting we went to Madame Tussaud’s and the Museum of Death. Both were pretty awesome!

232I added some blonde to the hair! I just bleached the part of my hair and then toned it to the desired color. It’s actually still a bit yellow but that’s cool. I got some lavender to put over it once I get sick of the blonde. It’s been a couple weeks and I already need to redo it because my natural hair color is coming in hot and it’s looking less than….hot? It’s great because depending on which side I part my hair I am either blonde or brunette!

234 235 236 237 239 241 243 267 269

And, finally, a bunch of Disneyland! These are over two different trips. We met Daisy!!! I was so excited, she is my favorite character and she never comes out. Goofy was a little ghetto that day but still fun. I also have been more than obsessed with Frozen since it came out and my Minnie ears were squeezing my head that day so I got a new crown! And, then on another visit I forgot all my accessories so I got a giant Minnie bow – that lights up and blinks. It’s fabulous!


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