Christmas and New Year!

Can you believe it’s already 2014? Weird, huh?! I’m pretty excited about it though. I’m taking a car back to California with me so I can start working. Take my advice: don’t listen to the people who say you don’t need a car there. YOU DO. I’m actually going tomorrow with my dad to get one so keep the fingers crossed that all goes well! I have a couple picked out that I like so I’m hoping that they are still there, etc. But anyway, the last thing I posted about was my birthday which was super fun and then came Christmas! Every year my mom makes a big breakfast for us and then my brother and I go to our dad’s house for his Christmas (our parents have been divorced my whole life, so really – it’s okay! I’m not suffering from it. 😛 ) after that. Here we are walking out the door:


So now time for the loot! My dad just gives me money so that’s not so fun to show off (great to get though!) and my mom mostly gave me money too but she likes to give us stuff to open up too.


She got me a sparkly, gold sweater (Wal-Mart, I honestly couldn’t believe it was from there since it’s so cute!), a somewhat sheer, with rose gold polka dotted scarf (Target), snake skin, pointed toe flats (also from Wal-Mart, I believe, they must have upgraded their stock), and two pairs of printed leggings, blue/black chevrons and multi-colored animal print (Torrid). And, a Hello Kitty teacup which I died over and had asked for a couple days before Christmas while we were out and then she ended up buying it and giving it to me for Christmas!


So that was the Christmas haul. What did you get?! Did it snow where you live? It snowed a ton in Iowa and then it kept snowing, and kept snowing, and kept snowing. But it was lovely! I took this from out of front door, it was too cold to go any further outside!


So pretty right?! I also got presents for my niece and nephew. I gave my brothers and sister gift cards – not super fun but I ran out of time to do the shopping so I had to settle for those.

018 019

So my niece REALLY loves shoes – she’s a bit of a diva, even at the age of 1. So she really wanted to try her new, pink shoes on. She just happened to also be wearing lime green socks at the time. How awesome though? I was loving it!


Now on to the New Year! How did you spend your New Years Eve?! It was so cold and snowy here that not too much went on but I did get a selfie in 😀


I have quite a few new posts coming and have made a bit of a schedule type thing so I have some regular posts. Even if no one really reads them I still like the idea of blogging. Maybe something I post about will interest another person and that’s cool with me!

Happy New Year everyone!


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