I’m Feeling 22

So yesterday (the 21st) was my birthday and I turned 22! I was Taylor Swifting my soul off all day. May have been rather annoying for others but I don’t care. I was the birthday princess!


Here is a little collage of what I opted to wear!



Sweatshirt: DIY | Striped Leggings: H&M | Hello Kitty Booties: Gift (aka IDK) | Lips: Purple ULTA Eyeliner, Wet N Wild "Just Garnet" Lipstick, & Physicians Formula: Sexy Glow Glossy Stain "Hot Pink"

I had painted up this sweatshirt after seeing it on Pinterest and knowing that I could just make my own. I was worried at first that it may not come out but I ended up loving it more than anything and plan on wearing it ALL the time! Anyway, now comes my birthday cake. In case you didn’t know I LOVE Hello Kitty and this year I wanted her head as a cake. So with a lot of swearing, and a joint family effort we got this little lady made and she was delicious!



I was so happy with how it turned out! There was a lot of tooth picks in some parts to hold her ears on and the one side of her face a bit because if you don’t get her face right she just looks SO WEIRD! But she turned out lovely! My whole family came over and for the most part I prefer to get cash/checks/gift cards so I can pick my own stuff out – it’s just easier. But my aunt and grandmother got me some things to open too. My grandmother also got me a Barbie ornament to add to my collection and my aunt also got me a little trunk type thing which is super cute! I’m not sure what I’m going to put in it but I’m sure I’ll find something when I get back to California.


Then, like I said, gift cards and money like crazy so I’d say it was a pretty successful birthday! It’s been snowing like crazy here which is awesome, I’ll leave you with a picture of my front yard from last night and all the snow, we had a bit of a storm!



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