Did you ever watch Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen? Ya know the movie she did right before LiLo slipped into insanity and pre-terrible-plastic surgery Megan Fox?! LOVED IT! Anyway, I watched it a couple weeks ago and now all the music is stuck in my head from it! However it’s perfect for this blog post because there are so many new things going on with me:


I did end up moving! I found a place literally like 5 days before I needed to move out of my old apartment – which was a bit scary. I moved to North Hollywood and now live with two lovely people and their nice little puppies. I got my room all decorated up and it’s looking like  circus vomited in there which is perfect. I don’t have any pictures right now but I’ll get to that in a minute. It’s going really well and soon I will have a car so I needed a parking spot, which this place has, and the rent is cheaper. It was sad to leave my other place because I really did love it. And, there was just so many things that went wrong with me trying to move. I can never seem to just do something it always has to be a production where millions of things go wrong first. Why? I don’t know.


I am currently at home in Iowa for the holidays and my birthday – that’s tomorrow! I flew home on the 14th so I’ve been here for almost a week. It wasn’t bad. I had a 2 hour layover in Denver which turned into 3 hours because….wait for it….THEY COULDN’T FIND THE PLANE. Huh? How can you not find the plane and should I be trusting you to fly me? The first plane was a bit late getting off the ground (way to be United…..) but fine, I had a lovely Australian man sitting next to me and we clucked like hens the whole ride. The second plane, after my long wait in the Denver Airport however, was somewhat scary because the plane was one of those ones where there is one seat, the aisle, and then two seats. So literally a toy. I was concerned. And, we had to walk outside to get to it. That was a bit shady to me. Whatever though, I made it home! For some reason though, when I packed I put my wallet in my CHECKED suitcase (I had my ID though) so I didn’t have any money all day. I was starving!! So my Mom and Grandmother took me to see this guy ASAP.


Aside from getting here I haven’t really done too much get. The weather has been very snowy and icy and I got a bit sick when I first got here. Probably from the nasty recycled air on that tiny, toy plane! We did get our Christmas tree up though and the rest of our decorations for our house and now it’s looking all festive and pretty in our living room!



So I got an iPhone 5S yesterday. I know, I finally entered the world of smart phones. I didn’t know if I wanted to get one because I hate the idea of people always being able to get a hold of me. I liked being able to say I didn’t get their e-mail, etc. But now that’s not the case. I have been having a lot of fun with it though! I ordered a cute little case for it – of course and am dying for it to get here:

hellokittyI got it off Ebay for $5.99 and free shipping! It was a struggle to find one that ships from the U.S. so I didn’t have to wait 1932910 years and had it in pink. I actually really, really wanted the hot pink but the light pink was my second choice so that’s okay! To go along with the cuteness I CocoPPaed the hell out of it – naturally! I love all things cute and kawaii:

010How cute, no?!?! The app was a tick hard to figure out because I guess they just changed it so the tutorials online are a bit different. Once you figure it out though it’s smooth sailing! Should I do a tutorial on how to use it? A lot of the ones I found didn’t have a lot of the stuff in them that would have been helpful for me when I was playing around with my phone. There was a lot of trial and error! I love how it looks now though. So cute!! I can’t wait to get my Hello Kitty case – can you picture it or what?! I actually think the light pink one will look awesome more since most of the CocoPPa icons I liked the best were pastels. See? Everything happens for a reason!


Along with a new iPhone came Instagram! I had a little trouble trying to figure it out at first but now I pretty much got it down. Follow me: @MeganOltmanns (yep, that’s my first and last name. Stalk me! P.S. that’s my Twitter name [handle?] too!) I haven’t posted too much yet because like I said, just got the phone yesterday but hopefully I can get some cool stuff going!



Get to following, kiddos! ❤


I have some plans for this here blog. I want to do something cool with it and actually use it as a source for entertainment or just foolishness – whichever it becomes. I’m not sure where it will go but hopefully up, up, and away. That would be cool!





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