Solid Month

Oh man, so it’s been a month since the last post and it was about Phillip Lim. No shame, no shame what so ever! I still am in love with that collection, btw. Never purchased anything from it but being the poor college student that I am I haven’t spent money on anything but food and rent in the last, probably 4 months. As for what I’ve been doing: nothing. I started school again, putting me in my second quarter. It’s just as tragic as the first – however the classes/teachers are a bit better. This quarter I am taking:

Financial Accounting II – WOOO! Passed FA I. The struggle was real though. I actually did really well, all the credit goes to my instructor though. He was a hoot. Just a little guy from England who had some really awesome slicked back hair. FA II is just finishing up the book because it’s huge and didn’t want to kill us by making us learn the whole thing in 10 sessions. Thanks FIDM, you da best.

Marketing Management – I fee like this class is a joke. I’m sure it would be great and very informative but I got one of those instructors that make you do really stupid work so all enjoyment just goes right out the window from the get go and you really just don’t give two shits about the class anymore. And, he sends us – no joke – 5-10 e-mails EVERY DAY. Like…..shut it down.

Microeconomics – this class is one that I’m on the fence about. I struggle with things that don’t have a clear answer and this is one of those classes. The questions are all super loose and I just don’t really get it sometimes. It looks like I either totally understand or I’m totally lost. There is never that happy, medium where you’re like, “I mean….I get most of it and I can bullshit this a little bit and be good.” All or nothing.

World Political History – At first I wasn’t the least bit thrilled about this. WHY DO I NEED TO DO THIS AGAIN?! I’ve learned this stuff since 6th grade! Alas, here I am taking it again. I’ve actually learned and remembered a lot of this stuff though so that’s great. So far we’ve talked about WWII – Cold War. I can tell you all about Hitler, Stalin, all those guys. And, the Berlin situation. How tragic to know that just because of which side you were on decided how screwed you were. No thanks!

and finally

Statistics – Again another “not so clear cut answers” but I’m actually doing really well in this class. I did recently have to drop $140 in the middle of the night to finish my assignment because apparently the Microsoft Excel that came stock with my laptop doesn’t support the features I needed to make a damn histogram. Way to be HP, way to be. I wasn’t overly jazzed about that but now I have all the programs – like Power Point, that I didn’t have before so that’s nice. Anyway, this class isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be and my instructor is really chill.

That’s literally all I do. School. Oh, my lease is up soon. I’m having some seriously mixed emotions about this. First of all I finally got my apartment how I like it and I really do like my apartment but I don’t know what’s going on because there has been an 100% increase in the amount of bugs I’ve had to kill. That isn’t working for me, ya dig? And, my kitchen sink has been clogged for I don’t even remember how long and nothing has been done. Like I’ve said in previous posts I plan on moving into a 2 bedroom situation with someone to cut costs and I did meet one girl who seemed the most promising but that was in early October and we haven’t spoken since. I don’t know if it’s still just early but we got alone well…yeah, I don’t know. Then there is the moving situation. I don’t know if I want to just get movers and have them take care of it. It’s a lot different now that I have furniture. When I moved in I literally only had clothes. Now I have a bed, table, desk, chairs, etc. Or do I want to rent a U-Haul and move myself? Again, the struggle.

Also: Halloween is coming up! I don’t think I’m doing anything this year but my mom did send me some Halloween candy so that’s awesome! I’ve been seeing a lot of costumes popping up here and there on various social medias. Halloween: when you see the inner slut of every girl. And, since when can a “Cat Lady” costume be sexy?! I thought that’s what a cat lady was, completely unsexy…..?



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