Button Down: Refashion

The last couple of days I’ve been working on a little refashion project. I’ve had this Ralph Lauren “Classic Fit” Men’s Button Down for a while now and I would wear it as is, but I always kind of felt like a man when I wore it. I love the print and I originally bought it – from Goodwill for like $3 – to probably do something else with but I just never got around to it.



See how boxy and just not fitted, at all, it is? When I would wear it I would be channeling my inner “Bro Hoe” look. Anyway, this shirt has actually been through a lot of trial and error refashions. Originally I just wanted to cut the back out and add a sheer panel. Then I opted for two sheer panels. I had that going but it just looked weird. So I added some elastic to the back yoke to cinch it in and some under the bust area to make it more fitted. Nope, still looked weird. Sorry i don’t have any pictures to show of it! When I don’t like something I usually change it pretty quickly and then remember that I probably should have taken a picture. Oops. Next I got this idea that I now did and actually really like it! I got a new idea the other day and started working on it right away. I had to take the sheer panels back off – which annoys me, I HATE seam ripping! Then sew the original back piece, back onto the shirt. A lot of back tracking went on here but that’s okay. I like what I came up with. After I got the original shirt all put back together I got to cutting it up.


Thankfully I already knew exactly what I was going to do, otherwise I would have been a bit nervous to start cutting. I started with the bodice piece. I wanted to make it much more fitted so that it gave me at least a LITTLE shape when I wear it.



This was a bit of a struggle because my dress form’s bust area isn’t quite as large as I need it to be….ya feel me? So I had to pin it a bit then try it on myself, try again, try again, and finally I got it to work correctly. It’s really just the shape that the dress form’s bust is – it’s not natural at all. it’s actually kind of weird shaped. But anyway, I finally came to something that looked correct and fit. I sewed the two under-bust darts, took in the sides a bit, and finished off the arm holes. Since this shirt started to fray a lot while working with it I had to finish off all the edges, so I just mini zig-zaged the life out of it. I really need a serger! Next I wanted to attach the bottom but have it kind of flare out from the fitted top – in a peplum fashion. However, I knew that the length of bottom piece wouldn’t give me a very gathered/flared look because it just wasn’t long enough. To remedy this issue I cut up the sleeves and pieced it all together. A bit more work but totally worth it in the end because it was more than enough to get a good gather. At first I opted to pleat the bottom part in but that just ended up looking really strange. It flared in some areas but not in others and it simply looked, just strange on. Ripped that out and just gathered – like I knew I should have all along – it all in.



I really like how it turned out! I have a couple more ideas to test out on it and jazz it up even more. I found this thing where you put this piece of applique over the area and then you cut out the shapes. Does that make any sense? I found the image so you can actually see what I was babbling about!


I think it would look pretty cool and would break up the shoulder area a bit! I want to give that a go on the front chest area I think. Again, we’ll see how it goes! I also saw this really cool thing on Pinterest where you break up a CD and cut it on the collar (or wherever you want) and spice that up, kind of like spikes/studs but CD pieces instead.


It makes it look like you have glass on your collar. Hmmm…could be dangerous!


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