Life Blog #2

10 days since I had nothing to say except complain about the heat and guess what, the heat is gone, but I still have nothing to say. I honestly have been doing nothing but finishing up school stuff for this quarter. I’m done on Tuesday and I couldn’t be more thrilled. This quarter was great and terrible at the same time. Great because this program is so much less stressful and I only had to go in on one day! Terrible because I had crazy instructors and had 2 GROUP research papers. Okay, group projects are tragic on their own but when it’s a research paper for an online class that is just too much. It was a close call for one of them because my group members just for the life of them could not get it together but we made it happen thankfully and everything is turned in! I took one of my online finals today. It was worth 300 points but only 30 questions. WHYY? AND some of the questions were repeated! I got a 90% on it so I’ll take it and be happy. I have one more online final to take which I will most likely do tomorrow and then I have my in class Accounting final on Monday. I have to revise my final “Self Reflective Essay” for my writing class and do what my English accounting instructor calls a “Signature Assignment” and I’m done! This finals week doesn’t seem real at all. Probably because in past quarters I would be dying right now trying to get everything sewn and completed! I kinda miss those days….

OH! I do have something; I’ve begun working on my Summer 2014 little girls line. Remember back when I was talking a little bit about finally getting some kind of Etsy shop going and actually making things? Well, I’ve started working on it. Right now I’m just getting my ideas into Illustrator and creating the flats. I’m thinking I want to do 12 different pieces, that’s usually what we did in my design classes and that worked as a “group.” A little mix between rompers, onsies, dresses, shorts/pants, tops, etc. for baby girls to start with since they will probably be the easiest….and the cutest! I made a time line for when I want things to be done so we’ll see how it all goes. There are a lot of things that I still need to work out but to finally have something to occupy all this time with will be great.

I have decided to let the whole apartment thing take a back seat. Lets be honest December 1st is still a bit away so I don’t really need to be thinking about that at all. I know I DO need to think about it but not nearly as much as I was. I do that to myself all the time!

Also I’ve been working out a lot lately. Not sure why but I just felt like it was time. Just here in my apartment. I considered doing Insanity and I did for 4 days until my neighbor downstairs requested that I stop. Which I can understand – there was a lot of jumping around involved with it and I live on the 4th floor, wooden floors mind you! I did take some of the drills though that don’t require so much jumping and do those everyday mixed with some things I found on Pinterest. As far as Insanity goes I may give it another go if I can find somewhere or move to a place on the bottom floor. Those 4 days were murder! If it doesn’t work for you, you’re doing something wrong because there is no way you can do those workouts and not lose weight.


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