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Wooop! Still alive….just barely though. It’s be suuuuuuuper hot in L.A. the last couple of days (except yesterday which was interesting…..) and since I don’t have A/C I’ve been relying on a gnarly, Lasko fan to get me through my daily life.


Mmhmmm. Life saver right there. Lemme tell ya, it’s a bit of a struggle! I haven’t been doing too much stuff because of the heat. Actually I haven’t even left me apartment in nearly two weeks. The life I lead, honestly.

In other news I’ve reached the point of my Pinterest journey where I feel like I’ve seen everything and there is nothing new. Even though, obviously people add new things everyday, I still feel like I keep getting repeats of everything. Which is unfortunate because I spend so much time on Pinterest and that’s where I find all my cool project ideas. I have a lot of things lined up to work on/start but like I said it’s been a sauna/desert in this little room of mine and I simply cannot. I hope all those super crafty people out there start pinning new things for me to find! I know that I can add pins but I feel like that would be slightly creepy. I have yet to come across myself on Pinterest, without me adding the pin, but it’s my goal in life. Follow my wild and often quite strange, pins here: FOLLOW ME ON PINTEREST

I’m also starting to come to the time when my lease will be up on my apartment. I love this little place and don’t really want to move but I’m (hopefully) getting a car soon to have here so I can start working and making that money. I don’t care what anyone tells you, if you want to have a real job that isn’t retail or in food service you need a car. I talked to my dad about it and he said it was an option so when I go home this Christmas hopefully I will come back with some wheels. Now this presents a problem because 1.) my building doesn’t have parking – which is just obnoxious because it’s the ONLY building on the whole block that doesn’t and 2.) that means I will have to find a new apartment. I’ve been looking around but just really can’t find a new studio or whatever that isn’t in the straight ghetto and has parking that isn’t $143920 a month. It appears that the best way to go is to do a 2 bedroom and split the cost with some one. I cannot share a room again, did that for over a year, and I nearly died. Second problem with that is that I literally have one friend left in L.A. so I know no one to potentially share a place with. I’ve searched around my current apartment to see if there were parking garages near to do a monthly option and the lowest price was like $125 for monthly parking. Ummm….no. Again, could just move for that price. I don’t want to go up in rent amount and that is proving to be a serious struggle. I have until December 1st (when my lease is up) to figure out what I’m going to do but these are the most stressful things ever. I know some of the people I went to school with did the “renting a room at someone’s house” thing and that just creeps me out a bit. I don’t know if I could just move into someone’s house. It seems to be a cheaper option but still so awkward. What if it ends up not working out or whatever? Like, what do you do? And, I’ve liked living by myself so I don’t know if I want to live with someone else but it’s so much cheaper. Ugh. I have no idea.

Merp. Well that turned out to be a bit tragic, huh? Hopefully the heat starts to go down and I can start doing more fun stuff so I can write blogs about that instead of all the stupid, grown up decisions I need to make. Also my teachers are off their rockers. A lot of them just seem to be being so ridiculous with everything it’s so lame. WAHHHH. I think this heat is making me be more tragic and dramatic then usual. LULZ.


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