Heater Cover

I got a wild streak going through me the other morning and decided I wanted to rearrange my apartment a bit. I don’t have that much room to be moving stuff around but I went for it anyway. It all really started when I knew that I needed to clean under my bed. I’m really good at vacuuming and dry/mop Swiffering my floors but under the bed just…never…happens. OOPS! I decided to get on with it and moved everything out of the way and turns out there was only two (empty…)boxes under my bed and A SHIT TON OF DUST. I honestly cannot handle how dusty it gets here, its sick! I cleaned the floor all up and now my wood floors are sparkling like a diamond.

I didn’t want to just put my stuff back the way it was because I’ve lived here for 9 months and haven’t moved anything. This apartment child of mine was ready to be birthed and moved around! Ok, that was sick but the 9 months just hit me. Moving on…. I couldn’t really think of any other way to put my bed except the length way on the wall it already was on. There is really no other place for it since all the other walls are taken. When I originally moved in I planned on putting my bed the way it is now but didn’t want my head against this little heater that is in the room:


Get real! I’m never going to use that thing! I’m from Iowa, I’m NEVER cold here! It’s honestly in the more inconvenient place ever and I didn’t want my head resting against it. I don’t have it on so getting burned wasn’t the issue, it just kind of creeped me out, ya know? I had a pretty gnarly solution for it too, check it out:



I measured it all out, cut some cardboard boxed up, Duct Taped my soul off, wrapped it up with this cool zebra (matches my bed!) fabric that I had in my stash, and slipped it over the heater! WOOO! Totally covers it and now it’s almost like a little headboard, table thing. I can set stuff on it, etc. The amount of room between the window trim and the heater was pretty thin so it slips in there tightly so I don’t have to worry about it getting all funky. The “big room” of my apartment looks MUCH bigger now and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! My bed used to come out into the room pretty far and turning it to the side took a lot of length off (the width of one of those book shelves!) and now I have more room.



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