Sew With Me, Series 1: Skirt – Waistband

Now that you’ve made your pattern (how was it? Pretty fun, huh?!) we are ready to get moving on to the next steps in making your new skirt! Head to your nearest fabric store (or even online shopping for fabric – only down side is you have to wait for it to be shipped, WAH!) and pick out what strikes your fancy. Choose a fun print or go for a solid! Are you going to use one fabric or have a contrast?! Look around for a while and see what you can come up with! As I said before this is a “remake” for me so I already had my fabrics! I don’t remember where I got them for sure, but it was probably Joann’s. I am using this ditsy floral print (it’s a Swiss Dot so there is some bumpy texture to it), a hot pink (just a plain cotton) for the waistband, and some white cotton for the lining.


Fabric selection is entirely up to you but you will want to remember that we are going to do some shirring in this project so if you do want to make a heavier fabric skirt, I would recommend selecting a lighter weight fabric for the waistband and doing a contrast. (OMG. Dark green wool skirt, black contrast waistband. HOW. CUTE. Are you thinking Christmas? I’m thinking Christmas!) These are just some basic measurements, mind you. If you are larger/smaller then you probably will have different amounts to buy! If you truly don’t know, ask the person working at your fabric store! Chances are they will be a great help to you and will point you in the right direction.


  • Skirt: 1 ½ – 2 yards (if you want to do a contrast waistband, I would get 1 1/2 yards of the skirt fabric and 1/2 -3/4 yard of the contrast fabric)
  • Lining: 1 yard
  • Interfacing: 1/2 yard (light weight, fusible)
  • Elastic Thread (tends to usually only come in black and white, so pick which ever looks the best!)
  • Bias tape (I used single fold, or you can make your own)
  • Thread
  • Regular Sewing Supplies


I highly recommend throwing you fabric in the washer/dryer before you begin. I have had so many projects that are so perfect an then I wash them and they shrink up on me. Sad, sad days. Give it a wash/dry now and then if it shrinks up a lot at least you can go buy some more and you will know, instead of making a beautiful skirt, shrinking it and having to remake the WHOLE thing! So, with that being said – please preshrink your fabric and then give it a good press (iron) to get all the wrinkles out.

Step 1: Cut out all your pieces! Like I said, this is a remake for me so I already have everything cut, so I don’t really have any pictures to show you. But it’s easy to just pin the paper pattern pieces down on top of the fabric and cut around them, so you should be just fine!


Step 2: Apply the fusible interfacing to the two FRONT WAISTBANDS. These are the only pieces that need to be fused; it’s just to give the pieces some stability!


Step 3: We need to hem/clean finish the top of the back waistband. We left a 1/4in of seam allowance here so unless you’re really good a sewing 1/8in seams I could recommend using some bias tape to finish off this edge! I only had white on hand but you won’t be able to see it or if you’re feeling crafty you can make a strip of your own using some left over fabric! Stitch that down and voila! We have a hemmed piece.


This was necessary since we are only using one back waistband piece – otherwise we would have had a raw edge and that’s not so cute!

Step 4: Shir the back waistband! Use this guide to help you get it all shirred in. I started just a little below the hem at the top and stopped a bit above the 1/2in mark on the bottom.

waistband6 waistband7 waistband8

Now we are done with the back waistband, go ahead and set that aside.

Step 5: Take the two front waistbands and lay them on top of each other, right side to right side. (The interfacing should be showing on both sides.) Stitch across the top with a 1/4in seam allowance*.


Step 6: Press the seam allowance to one side so it is nice and flat and understitch. (FYI: whichever side you can see the understitching on is now the inside of the skirt! You don’t want to see the understitching from the outside!)



*This called an “enclosed seam.” We are stitching it at 1/4in instead of 1/2in to reduce bulk in the seam!

Step 7: Line up the back waistband and the front waistband (the side without the understitching) with right sides facing each other.


Step 8: Sew each side down with 1/2in seam allowance.


Step 9: Now on the side of the front waistband with the understitching, press the sides in 1/2in (this is where they will join the back waistband).


Step 10: Fold the front waistband with the understitching down over the raw edges from when you just sewed the back and front together.

waistband15 waistband16

Step 11: Stitch down the sides of the front waistband with the back waistband sandwiched in between as close to the seam line as possible.


Give the front waistband another press just to keep everything nice and pretty! Shoot the back waistband with some steam to keep it all shirred up! Try it on and see how the fit is!

You’ve made the waistband!

Doesn’t she look cute?!


Let’s take a little break for now and when we come back we will move on to the skirt body! If you’ve run into any problems don’t hesitate to ask and I will see what I can come up with for you.


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