Dressing Room

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I live in a studio apartment. It’s pretty little but I am fortunate enough to have my kitchen and bathroom in separate rooms. I’ve seen a lot of apartments where the kitchen is right in the same room and that is just weird to me. I don’t mind the ones where the kitchen is like a little nook and it is sectioned off but when it’s just all chilling against a wall in the big room – that’s truly breakfast in bed! Here is a picture so you get what I mean when I say it’s separate rooms:



See? Pretty little! It works fine for just me but when multiple people live in studio apartments I just don’t understand how they do it. Remember when I had the Floater here with me and I almost went insane?! Anyway, I also have one MORE little room off the big one. It’s on the wall opposite the kitchen and bathroom and it’s a little dressing room/closet area. This room and the big kitchen were the true selling points for this apartment!



YES! Beaded curtains for love! I had these in my room back home and I brought them with me when I came back this last time. I was looking for a place for them and I think this is perfect! It gets pretty serious in there. I have been working on cleaning it all out and decorating in there a bit the last couple of days. I went through all my makeup and threw away all the old junk. It was sick how much junk I had in there! I moved around a lot of stuff and got it all organized and looking good finally. It was just a dump pit for the whole time I’ve lived here so far and since it is so cute and who can say that they live in a studio apartment and have a dressing room, that I needed to start treating it right! I took a bunch of pictures now that I have it looking pretty snazzy. I’ll take you on a little tour moving in a circle so you get the full effect! We will begin with the wall you see a bit on the left:



This is just a big plain wall that homes the light switch. Before I only had those name letter pictures hanging that my aunt and cousin made for me when I graduated high school. I think they are pretty cute and I love when people make me things! I also decided to hang up all my sunglasses because before I just had then sitting in a bucket and I was worried they were going to get broken! I also hung up my jewelry holder. My brother got this for me for Christmas a couple years ago! I went through all my jewelry and organized it all. I have so much. Oh there is a whole back side to this thing too and that is full. Some of the pockets even have more than one thing in them – actually most of them do! I made those little circle things from left over cork board circles to use for hanging pictures, outfit ideas, makeup inspiration, etc. things that I might want to reference when getting ready! That’s pretty much it for this wall (for now) so next turn to your right and lets look at the vanity!



Here is the little dresser/vanity that is in the room. Isn’t it cute?! It’s so little and perfect! I (now) keep my makeup in the top two little drawers. Clothing items in the first long drawer and top right of the medium sized drawers. The top left medium drawer and bottom long drawer hold various weird items that I need but didn’t really have a place for them so they all got a home together! At first I planned on doing something to the front of the drawers to spice it up a bit but now I like the look of just the white since it’s all clean and decorated now. I am allowed to paint my apartment and do what I want but do I really want to go through all that? Probably not. Taking a closer look:



Here are all my makeup brushes that I use daily in the two sauce jars that I decorated all cute. I used a smaller one for the little brushes (I think it was a pizza sauce jar) and a big one for my longer, larger brushes (spaghetti I believe). The box behind them has all the little brushes that come with makeup kits but you don’t really use because you have others ones, my eyelash curler, and my brush cleanser. I decorated the box to match and really like how everything turned out. It doesn’t QUITE match but that’s why I love it. It’s like me; everything looks pretty good together but when you look closely nothing really actually goes together!



This was an Amazon.com box that I had around. I just cut the top off and covered it with stuff. I keep my hair products, nail stuff, little mirror, etc. in it. I really just want it so I could put everything in a location instead of just having it sit on the counter. I like putting things away and setting it on the counter doesn’t really count in my brain so this is prefect! And, I like decorating things so making a little box was just to fun.



Here is my little earring tree that my mom gave me when I was in 3rd grade! It’s a little ladybug and I love it so much I couldn’t get rid of it! I put the earrings on it that I love but never wear because they were hidden away in my jewelry holder. I don’t know about you but I am the type of person that when I can’t see it I forget about it. So hopefully I wear more of my stuff now that I can see it! Behind that is a jar of flowers! Yes, the jar is an old Windex bottle and yes, the flowers are made from blue Duck Tape! I found the tutorial on Pinterest and loved the way they looked. I liked the shape of the bottle so I covered it with tissue paper and Mod Podge, tied a bit bow on it and called it CUTE. Behind that, on the wall is:

downsized_0816131052Necklaces! Again, I am hoping I wear more of these now that they are out and I can see them better. That and they didn’t fit in my jewelry holder! Before I hung it on the wall I had it hanging with my clothes and I think that’s another reason I forgot about it.



Here is the mirror and some Funky garland that I made! I just cut circles of pretty paper glued them together on a string and then bent them a little. Looks cool in person because you can see the designs on the paper a bit better! That’s almost it for this wall. If you look up there is storage shelf that runs along the top part of the wall and I keep extra clothes up there, boxes, and my bed linens.



Now, if you turn to your right you will see the actually closet section of the room:



Here are some of my clothes. I keep the other ones that don’t fit right here in the big closet in the big room. I keep scarves, hats, etc. in the shelf above the clothing rack and shoes in the bottom drawer. However, that simply isn’t enough room for all my shoes so I have a shoe holder on the back of my bathroom door also! Not to much going on here, I had some extra funky garland so I put that around the little square frame to dress it up a bit! And now turn to your right one more time and this is the final wall of the dressing room:



I keep my bags and purses (and belts) on this little section of wall. I couldn’t think of anything else to put here that would fit so I put some nails up and hung all these guys there! Now they have a spot too and I don’t have to fold them all up. Next is the doorway and beads out to the big room! However, I found this little nugget in my room back home also and at first I didn’t know what I was going to do with it but I love Chinese lantern so much I couldn’t get rid of it so I hung it here!



Again, doesn’t really go but too cute to not have! I knock it down a lot because I’m tall and get wild when getting ready some times but that’s fine. just hang it back up!

That’s it! That is the little room I get ready in for school on Mondays. HAHA. I don’t really go anywhere else so I literally only get dressed on Mondays. Which is also great because I don’t have to do laundry ever either! HAYYYY! 😛



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