Big Betty Bag

So I’ve spent the morning sewing and now I’m just going to have to go sew some more to get over the obnoxiousness that is that establishment I attend for education. You see I have this on instructor who insists we submit our assignments and other class related work on Fridays before 12:00. However, our class isn’t until Monday so it technically isn’t due until Monday at 12:00. Which normally doesn’t bother me because I do all my homework Tuesday-Thursday anyway so I would get it done. And, I did. I completed the assignments, etc. on Tuesday of this week. However, I apparently didn’t submit them. Got three great e-mails from my teacher wondering why I (and there were some other students as well, actually) didn’t do the work. Yep, did the work, forgot to submit it. I sent him back an e-mail explaining what happened and the work attached. Hopefully I can get SOMETHING out of it because I mean…..I TECHNICALLY have 3 more days. But anyway on to happier things:


I found this tutorial on Pinterest last week and it looked so cute I wanted to give it a shot right away! However, I don’t have a printer so I needed to wait until Monday when I was at school to use the printer. It’s seriously the cutest little bag in the world and the tutorial has great directions that are easy to follow, check it out at The Mother Huddle:


While this bag is super cute I decided that I wanted a bigger version! I like bigger bags because even though I try I can never fit all my junk in a tiny bag. It’s my curse. Anyway after I had the pattern all printed out I got to work making it larger. I had a smidgen of trouble getting it to keep it’s overall shape and I had some serious funk music playing in the background so I would get dancing and forget where I was. I mean, doesn’t that happen to everyone?!

downsized_0731131410 downsized_0731131446


I picked to use this great seersucker (pink and white stripes) that I had from school almost a year ago and found a cute fat quarter that was tan with white polka dots for the lining. However, not quite enough there for the whole lining so I used just a dark tan for the inside. I added a little pocket to the inside too. I hate when my cell phone drops all the way to the bottom and I can’t find it so I opted for a little pocket. The inside is the seersucker and the outside is the tan/white polka dots (of the pocket). I LOVE IT! I interfaced the whole thing so that it was nice and strong. I like to make my own bags but I hate it when they get all droopy and flop around. I could use canvas but that’s expensive and most of the time not in the color/pattern I want! I also got to BeDazzling it a bit and added a little bow type embellishment to the strap. Not sure how I feel about it yet though. I may end up getting  chain for it because I really like the look of it. I had the D-rings in my craft storage from something. Probably a time I was a JoAnn’s and just thought, “hey, I need these.” That happens to me a lot!

downsized_0809131228 downsized_0809131228a downsized_0809131229 downsized_0809131230

A while ago I found out what metallic thread was and my life hasn’t been the same since! I’m so obsessed with this stuff! I have some plain silver and some all different colored, rainbow looking metallic thread. I think it just adds a little something extra you dig? I added some metallic topstitching (I don’t recommend doing the whole thing with metallic thread because it’s not overly strong and if it gets hot it just melts) around the front flap, the strap, around the yoke, and on the pocket. Also, the BeDazzling. I’m honestly not sure how I feel about it as you can see the lining up part of it is simply a lost cause with me. However, you can’t really tell when I’m wearing it and some of them didn’t get stuck on properly so I keep stepping on them. Let me tell you, it hurts!

downsized_0809131231 downsized_0809131231a downsized_0809131232a downsized_08091312340809131233

What do you think?! I can’t wait to go somewhere so I can carry it and give it a proper test run! Lets be real, simply walking around my apartment isn’t quite an accurate test!


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