Mouse Pad via Pinterest

I have a serious Sims 3 addiction. I can play it for hours at a time. It’s just too fun! I tend to play it when I feel like I want to shop and spend money but in real life I can’t because I need to be saving! So what do I do? Play Sims! Put in a “motherlode” cheat code and get me 50,000 Simoleons! I live a lavish lifestyle in my Sims world. This last time I was home I got Sims 3 Pets and Sims 3 Seasons. Coolest things ever! You can get a freakin’ horse!! And, the seasons blows my mind. I would always say I wish it would snow and stuff to make it more realistic and now it does! The first time it rained I thought my laptop was glitching and I got really annoyed, nope just some rain! Really awesome games, that I definitely recommend checking out.

I play the games on my laptop (yes, there is a little lag but it’s not too bad) so playing without a mouse is just annoying! Trying to catch a running horse with a track pad? Uhhh…no. My brother gave me a mouse that he had sitting around. He tends to have a lot of extra computer parts. So now I can play with ease, however, I’ve noticed it slipping a bit and so I needed a mouse pad. Ok, cool I planned on just getting one the next time I was at Target or where ever would have one.

Then I was trolling Pinterest and came across this gem:


DIY a mouse pad! I read the instructions and turns out I had everything I needed – even some cork! I have these cork board things to hang on my walls and I wasn’t using all of them on the walls so they were just sitting in the closet, why not use them?!


I used a bread plate for the size, traced around the cork and the piece of fabric that I picked from my stash (also while I was home, I had my mom send me my giant fabric stash. I had so much in there it was doing me no good sitting in Iowa when I’m in LA!), cut both out and using some Mod Podge stuck them together!

downsized_0803131322 downsized_0803131328

I let it dry for awhile and gave it a test run – works great! I love DIYing things so much more than buying them, especially when I actually have everything you need already. There is nothing worse than when you go to do a project and you don’t have one of the things you need. Which is usually the case with me. I mean, who keeps an extra lamp shade in their apartment to make a cool canopy decoration with? I don’t even have a lamp to potentially take the shade from!


Also while I was home I found this little nugget and brought it back with me to hang on the wall. I got it from the flower shop I worked at, isn’t it awesome! It’s a hula dancing skeleton decoration! I’m sure it’s usually only to be brought out around Halloween but not here (the Christmas lights stay up year round too!) it will proudly be displayed on the wall at all times!


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