French Bread Pizza via Pinterest

First of all: we’re in August. How weird! 2013 is flying by, which is interesting considering so many people thought it wasn’t even going to happen. Have you ever watched that show “Doomsday Prepers?” It’s hilarious, and weird, and uncomfortable all at the same time. Anyway, I’ve been working on the skirt sew along, I want to get it completely done and then start doing the posts so that I know my directions are going to work and there won’t be any awkward “just kidding, do this instead ;D” ya feel me? But don’t worry they should start coming out soon! Since I have the attention span of a fly I’ve also been working on some things I’ve had pinned for a long time and finally have time to work on. I’ve got myself on a schedule: School on Monday. Homework on Thursday and Friday. All the other days: WHATEVER I WANT TO DO. I’ve decided to enjoy all my free time before I have to actually get a job, which is in a few months. Bleh.

I got groceries delivered yesterday and since I only go to school one day a week I literally spend no money during the week! I used to have to think about getting food there, etc. but now I don’t have too. So I had some extra and got some fun stuff to cook with since I’m home all day. I looked through my Pinterest boards and found this:


Click the image for the directions! DO IT! It's delicious!

I usually get french bread pizzas from the store – you know like the boxed frozen ones that you can make in the microwave? Yeah, no where near as good as this was. I’ve had this pinned for so long and finally got the bread to make it! Turns out – I will be getting french bread every time. It’s so good! I always thought it was really tough, this one was super soft. So good! However, I don’t have a bread knife so I squished mine down a lot and then had to pull it back apart to get the shape back. Oh well, it all turned out alright!


I had some ground beef that I needed to use up and since, for some reason, pepperonis are SO expensive here I wasn’t about that life. I made some extras to eat today since it’s been so hot! Every time I turn the oven on I make sure it’s worth it! They turned out GREAT! I will for sure be making this over and over again.



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