Skirt Rework: Preliminary Showing

Remember when I was going on about elastic thread I mentioned a skirt that I had made a while back but never wore and now brought back to L.A. with me? Well here she is:


See how ill fitting and just…..LARGE…it looks? Yeah, not so flattering.


You can also see here some of my elastic threading mistakes. One, tried to go through two layers of fabric nope, that’s not going to work and I didn’t wind the bobbin correctly. So this is what I’m left with: a too large skirt that I can’t wear. I mean, it’s not terrible but it could be much better. This just doesn’t pull in enough so when I stretch it to go around me it stays up. This is not going to stay up, and it’s like 8 inches too big all around but that’s another issue.


However it’s just simply way to cute of fabric and I went all the way and LINED it also so there is NO way I can just toss it. And, I didn’t spend 1.5 years of my life slaving away in the fashion design program to not know how to fix this. Oh no, I got you little skirt, I got you. Well now that you’ve seen what it looks like and all the work it needs I’m basically going to be taking it all apart and redoing it so I can wear it! Which means (almost) starting from scratch so I thought it would be fun to create a little “Sew With Me” series and I’ll walk you guys through making this skirt since I have to redo mine and it wasn’t made from a pattern! It’s pretty easy and I promise I will do my best to get all the instructions out clearly to you.

Check back in the next couple of days for this to begin!


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