Tribal Necklace DIY

So I was feeling ultra crafty today after I got all my assignments in. You know this online thing isn’t that bad! I just pump everything out really quick and then I’m done with it and I don’t ever have to leave my apartment. Except for Accounting but hey, I can’t be a total hermit can I! Anyway, I was looking for something cool to make since all my fabric isn’t here yet and I don’t really have anything planned to sew. I was cruising around Pinterest and came across this list of designer knock off DIYs and opted for this one:



Click on the image above and it will take you to the GREAT tutorial on how to make this necklace, for MUCH less than $168! I gave it a go since I thought it looked so cool and while there are a few areas that need some tweaking and I now know how I should have gone about it and will the next time I take another crack at it. I like the way mine turned out and want to get some other colored duck tape to make another one! P.S. excuse the nastiness that is my face. As stated above I’ve been working on homework all morning and I didn’t plan on going anywhere today so I haven’t even showered yet. HAYYY.

necklace1 necklace2 necklace3


YES! That is duck tape and paper clips. Pretty cool, huh? I want to make one that I light pink, white, and a nude color so its like all pretty and stuff. Ya feel me? I love this and can’t wait to wear it with a really cool outfit of some kind! MAKE ONE!



2 thoughts on “Tribal Necklace DIY

    • For sure check it out! It’s a tad confusing at first but once you get going it’s super easy and it looks soooo cool when you’re done. Definitely a unique piece of jewelry that, even better, you made yourself!


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