Epilator Time

Today we are going to discuss these little machines called “Epilators.” I’m not sure how long they have been around but I honestly just heard about them a couple weeks ago and kinda got crazy over them. They look like hair clippers that a barber uses, except instead of having a blade it has a wheel like contraption that spins around (some have varying speeds too) at a pretty good rate, with a bunch of little tweezer heads on it.


So that spins around and each tweezer, you guessed it, pulls out each little hair one by one. At first I was like, “Oh I got this. I have tattoos, I’ve been pierced, I’ve been waxed. I’m good.” Let me tell you: THIS HURTS. I have honestly never really felt this kind of pain before. I will admit that I did need to stop and take a couple breaks here and there. Some areas I tried to do the “faster I get it done the sooner it will be over” thing and that helped but damn sometimes I just couldn’t handle it.

I did my legs, and mind you I am nearly 6ft tall so that’s a lot of leg, and they didn’t hurt as much as I thought it just took a long time so the little bit of pain for a long time it what did me in. But, I got them done and it’s been 3 days now and there is no sign of my leg hair growing back! Which is great because I have really intense hair growing back ability apparently because it used to come back after just one day when I would shave my legs. No pain, no gain?

I had a gift card to Target so I checked around to see who/what stores were selling them and there are tons of selections online, in store….not so much. I checked at Walmart while I was at home (in Iowa) and they had none and Target only had one choice, which is the one I ended up getting. I saw it online and it ended up being my 2nd choice from the online options so I went with it – no paying or waiting for shipping so it seemed like the best option!

I got this one. It’s by Remington (Women’s Smooth and Silky Epilator) and it was $59.99 – on sale, originally it was $69.99. Like I said, I also had a gift card so that helped a lot. These little nuggets are pretty expensive but they do work – if you can handle the pain! Here is the website’s little description of it:

Remove hair for up to 6 weeks in or out of the shower with the Remington Smooth & Silky Wet/Dry Face & Body Epilator.  Designed with a superior plucking capacity, multiple caps, a detail light and pivoting head to provide the most optimal coverage for smooth & silky skin.  40 tweezers, 2 speed settings and fast charge allow for quick epilation sessions.

I am happy with my purchase the only thing is that with this particular one you can’t use it while it is plugged in. So if you get going and the battery runs out you have to wait until it charges again to be able to use it. It came with a cute little purple bag to keep everything in so nothing gets lost, as well as 2 different heads; 1.) a “precision” head – the opening for the tweezers is just smaller and then 2.) a “moisturizing” head – this one I don’t really understand because all it really has that is different from the other one is a row of green dots on the top. Perhaps it’s for in the shower? Which I don’t think I plan on doing. It says it is shower safe but, come on, it’s electronic. No way can that be water safe.

I got a little wild with it and wanted to test out all the areas and see how they felt. Now I’m not a woolly mammoth or anything this was just for scientific purposes and you know all those little white/skin colored hairs that you kind of just have EVERYWHERE? I tested out the other areas on those, just to see what it would feel like.

  • Face/Neck – hurts more than anything I have ever experienced. I will continue to just get my eyebrows waxed, thank you.
  • Underarms – not to bad but it has a hard time if the hairs are short so you may need to let those puppies grow for a while!
  • Stomach – not bad at all, however it does have a motor in it so it vibrates which could cause some tickling.
  • Arms – similar to the legs, just a lot of area to cover but not that bad as far as pain goes.
  • Back – also no issues there!
  • Feet/Hands – hurts quite a bit but apparently everything hurts when it happens to your hands and/or feet! (Tattoos, etc.)
  • “Downstairs” – oh we aren’t even going there……

Overall I really do like these things! They do hurt but once you get the area done it’s worth it because you won’t have to do it every day and I’ve read some reviews about them and a lot of people are saying that like waxing the more you do it the less it hurts and the less you have to do it (is that why it hurts less, because you don’t do it as much or does it actually hurt less? Hmmm…..).


  • Let the hair get a bit longer than you would ever keep it. It is much easier for the tweezers to pull the hair out if it’s longer.
  • Pull the skin taut where you are epilating. Like waxing it takes some of the pain away – not much but it does help.
  • Moisturize RIGHT AFTER. I keep some lotion, etc. right next to me while I’m epilating and as soon as I’m done I put some on the area(s) otherwise you get these little red bumps everywhere you pulled a hair out and that’s just not a good look.
  • Exfoliate! Make sure you exfoliate in the shower or where ever after you get done epilating. The risk of ingrown hairs is higher since you are pulling the hair out from the root, so the whole thing has to grow back in. And, it helps get rid of any bumps that may have lingered around.
  • Don’t do this right before you need to be somewhere. Give yourself a couple days in between just in case there are any bumps, etc. or if you couldn’t get all the hairs out. The hair will NOT grow back in that time and if it does…well you need to get that checked out then.
  • Move the machine in circles around the area. This seems to pull more hairs at once, getting the job done quicker.
  • Hold the epilator straight up and down from you skin and let it glide over your skin. I was doing the exact opposite at first and was like, “Oh please, this isn’t bad at all.” Yeah…it wasn’t that bad because no hairs were being pulled out!

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