Back in CA!

I arrived back in California last night! The flight went by ridiculously fast. That always happens when I travel, it either takes light years or I feel like it took 2 seconds. But I guess I need to be thankful for the quickness because it was one of those flights where EVERYONE felt the need to get up, walk around, use the restroom 1942 times, talk loud, let their kids scream, and just act like idiots. I mean we are 30,000+ feet in the air, in an enclosed space, and they are acting like we were at a circus. I mean, get it together everyone! It wasn’t a full plane so in my row it was just me and some guy. We talked tattoos and where we were going, he was pretty cool. However, he was three sheets to the wind! I guess he tipped a few back in the airport and then proceeded to have FIVE beers on the plane (Coors Lite if you were wondering!) – the plane ride was 3.5 hours long. I thought that was a bit excessive but hey, to each their own. I stuck with my water and apple juice! I came back with two suitcases so that was a bit of a bitch to haul by myself – only one of them had wheels -___- But I made it home finally! Not sure what the Super Shuttle guy was doing but we went the most ass backwards way into downtown. They always seem to go the strangest routes and they have a GPS so I’m not sure what all the issues are.

I start school tomorrow! I only have to go in on Mondays!! WOOO!! I’m literally going to be a hermit since I have no where else to go. Oh well. We got an e-mail from our instructor that said he wasn’t going to be there for the first class though. I mean, wtf!? I am going to get all my books tomorrow too. So it won’t be a total waste of time. My friend who is doing the program with me also got his already and he said there were only 4 books total to get which means no more broken back for this kid! I really need to get my books though, we already have some assignments due on Tuesday. Some of the teachers have posted things and I’ve read through all the syllabus – I mean, they are honestly insane. You know those teachers that try to make their class seem more important than it really is? Like get real how important to me is Professional Writing? I know how to write – been passing all those kinds of classes with As since kindergarten. And, what is the difference between regular writing and professional writing? I know when to write scholarly acceptable papers/work and when to write things like I do on the blog. (I mean, who really would ever put “I mean…get real.” in a professional paper?!?!?!)

I’ll leave you with this for today, I song I’ve been obsessed with since I heard it a couple weeks ago:


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