Welcome Back!

Hey everyone! Yes, I know that I disappeared yet AGAIN -____- Here is a little run down of what has been going on since the last time I posted:

1.) I GRADUATED! I am officially a graduate of the Fashion Design program at FIDM! I’m so happy to be done and it was the best time of my life. It got hard sometimes and I wanted to just be done but I’m so happy I was one of the few that finished on time and with honors.

IMG_1899 IMG_1903 IMG_1905 IMG_1909 IMG_1912

My mom had come out to L.A. for my graduation and actually had stayed in my apartment with me – mind you, I live in a studio so it was a bit much! I definitely need to live alone! My aunt and cousins from San Diego came up for the day to see my graduation also. It was held at the Staples Center so that I was really, really cool! How many people can say they graduated college in the Staples Center?!?!?

Since I knew my mom was coming and I kinda wanted to decorate my apartment more so she would be so worried about me anymore I did my kitchen like so:



I love those ball things. They are literally from the $1 Target party section! I hung them from the ceiling with thumbtacks and they really added a cool vibe to my kitchen and it makes it look like someone actually lives there now. And, I finally got chairs so I can sit at the table! $10 at IKEA! They are the best chairs ever!

2.) I am at home in Iowa! I’ve been here since the 23rd (of June) and I am going back to L.A. on the 13th. I am starting the Bachelor’s program next week! I am pretty excited to start something new and get back to L.A. It’s kind of weird being here. For one, it’s overly humid and I can’t handle it. And, there are a lot of bugs like gnats and stuff. I don’t do that! While here we had the 4th of July – which was so much fun! In my town we actually celebrate it on the 3rd, really not sure why but whatever. It’s right on the Mississippi and my dad lives right down by the river so it’s great to be able to just go to my dad’s house and watch them instead of having to lug chairs and stuff around. Also, my niece turned 1! She is the cutest little nugget in the world and I loved getting to see them!

1052957_10151782531709575_1750589005_o image


3.) I got a new tattoo while being home too! I love the way it turned out and it wasn’t that bad at all. The guy that I went to just free handed it on me and then started tattooing and was done in less than an hour – it was crazy! It’s on the back of my left calf. It was pretty funny because there were a lot of guys in the shop and my dad/brothers were there too and they all were betting I was going to cry when they saw where I was getting it or they were like, “ooooo, that’s a rough spot!” I didn’t make a sound once. Chatted causally the whole time! I totally won!!

tattoo2I think that’s really it for the major things that have been going on. Nothing to serious! I plan on posting a ton more now that I only will be going to school 1 day a week so I will be home all the time and since I usually just knock everything out right away I will be able to do more interesting things and post about those. I want to start sewing more and creating cool things. We shall see where this new journey takes us!



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