Solstice Canyon

Emily and I have been going on quite a few hikes as of recent. Just as fun little activities for us to do on the weekends when we need a break from homework, etc. We have been going to Malibu to Solstice Canyon and doing those trails. It is really nice out there and I’ve been getting a great tan! But let me tell you, I will be the first to admit that I’m not the most active person and damn these trails! Most of them are a straight incline for a good couple of miles and then when I’m truly ready to die and I feel like I can’t move we go down hill and I’m like, “oh I got this.” Nooope. We go right back up hill, make it to the top finally and then we come back down. But remember when they had us go down right in the middle? Oh yeah, that means we need to go back up that again! I’m almost positive that I lost at least 100lbs on the hikes. One, because it gets rather hot out there and two, everything is getting a work out. I could feel my heart pumping in places I don’t think you should feel it. We get to these really cool rocks with a little creek running through it and we ended up calling it The Faerie Forest! And, there are a lot of old building structures there where they got burned but it didn’t burn through the rocks. Kind of creepy but still cool. What I really need to know is how the hell these people got to their houses!? Did they really hike up 3 miles every time they wanted to go home? Were they insane? The true question. Anyway, I got some pretty cool pictures while we were out there on the trails:

5152694 downsized_0519131338



downsized_0519131338a downsized_0519131338b downsized_0519131338c

P.S. we didn’t just stay on the paved path to get to the burned house. Oh no. We went on Rising Sun and then we hiked up to Deer Valley Loop. (I believe these were the names of the trails!)


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