Well, hello. (Imagine that in a deep sexy, man voice!) Did that get weird? It may have gotten weird. My bad! Anyway, I know I kind of fell off the earth yet again but I’ve been working a lot on getting my big end of the quarter projects out of the way earlier so that at the end of the quarter I literally have pretty much nothing to do. And, my aunt asked me to go down to San Diego for my cousin’s acro recital and I’m not about to leave a week before finals week and still have a ton of stuff that needs to be done! So yeah, I’ve been working on my school stuff a lot as well as getting ready to graduate in 25 days! I’m so excited to be done with this program, it’s been a long road but I’m glad I stuck it out since so many people don’t/can’t. It’s honestly a pain in the ass to try to graduate from this school, there are so many loops and holes you have to try and make it through before they let you go. A lot of financial stuff we need to do that is just dumb – do they really think I take the student loan exit counseling seriously? Should I? Probably but come on I’m not buying a boat so why do I need to take a quiz on how to insure it?!?! There has been some fun stuff too though. My school puts on a carnival for the people graduating and my friends and I had a pretty good time at that. They brought in THE BEST FOOD IN THE WORLD and some other fun casino games and those funny blow up toy things. They had a photo booth too with props and stuff. They also gave us a little present, which was a silver business card holder. I also got another white, gelly feeling one too from a presentation. Now all I need are some business cards!

downsized_0528130952The day of the carnival we also got to pick up our cap and gowns. I get really weirded out by the fact that they go by height. I personally don’t think that it a very wise thing. What if the person is 5’2 but rather round?! How do they regulate that if it only goes by height?! And, are there men’s and women’s sizes? I know a 6’0 guy isn’t going to be wearing the same as a 6’0 woman. There is just no way that is going to work. And, what if the tall guy is all build and muscley (if you find him here, give him my number!!) but then the other 6’0 tall guy is all skinny and noodley? One (or both) of them is going to look like a fool! Well anyway, enough about that I rushed home and promtly tried it on and mine fits fine so we’re good! We are allowed to decorate our caps so you KNOW I had to go all out! Emily and I made a trip to Micheal’s and found a bunch of craft stuff to decorate our caps with. I knew I wanted a princess themed cap because…well, duh I’m a princess! I had a great idea to make a farm themed cap because I found a really cute picket fence thing and we nearly died but the plastic animals got a little heavy so we had to let that little gem die 😦 Emily went with a hella sparkly patriotic theme and I came up with this beaut (also why is it so hard to find a cute tiara?!?! Thank you Target party section for having your shit together!):





SOOOOOO GOOD HUH?!?!? Probably one of the best you have ever seen right? I know, I know it’s fabulous. I’m super happy with how it turned out. That pink stuff is actually sparkly “tape.” I say/type tape like that because….it doesn’t stick. WHHHHAT? Emily’s stuck but mine did not so I hot glued it all down. Now, a couple weeks later, hers is also starting to pop off. We weren’t too happy about this because it was kind of expensive and now it’s not working at all. If you can see on the one side there there is a rhinestone missing, yeah I knocked it off my dress form. Oops! However, the fact that only ONE stone fell off the whole thing after it hit the wood floor is a pretty good sign! I’m pretty pumped to graduate and then go home for a bit. My mom is coming on the 21st, I graduate on the 22nd, and we are going back home on the 23rd! Move ’em in, move ’em out!


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