Physicians Formula: Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Shimmer Veil

Did you think I forgot about all this?! Nope, just finally getting around to posting about it all!

Today I’m going to give you my take on the Bronze Booster, which comes in really cute packaging and as you can see it’s a spray on situation.



downsized_0507131623See?! Pretty cute huh?! I was really excieted about this stuff because I love being tan but I’ve really been thinking about all the sun exposure I do and how that can affect me. I mean, let’s be real I used to have 2 different tanning memberships and would go the maximum at each place twice. I know, I know! No need to yell at me – I get it enough from everyone that knows about my dark, daark past. LOLOLOLLL! Anyway so I’m really into sunless tanning ways and this seemed pretty cool, especially because if you remember I got all this stuff for free! But let us move on and I’ll let you know what the creators had to say about this product:

Product Overview:

Introducing a totally unique concept in achieving the perfect kiss of bronze color with NEW Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Shimmer Veil. This lightweight mist of color is formulated with the most advanced glow-boosting technology for an instant and lasting golden goddess glow. The silky loose powder veil diffuses a light dusting of iridescence that can be applied to the face, shoulders, arms, decollete  legs, and even hair – wherever you want instant glamour and a little extra sex appeal! Packaged in an ultra-feminine atomizer, the formula boasts an exotic, tropical fragrance to make it the most indulgent experience in bronzing.


Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Shimmer Veil features an ultra-fine, ultra-feminine bronzing formula with light-reflecting pearl and advanced glow activator technology for an instant and lasting gorgeous goddess glow. The light-as-air texture and mistake-proof formula delivers a bronze boost that is stain-free, streak-free, odor-free, and orange-free. The upscale, ultra-chic atomizer enhances the bronzing experience for the ultimate in luxury and glamour.


Formulated with an Exclusive Blend of Glow Activators includes a custom infusion of vitamins, moisturizers, and antioxidants for Triple-Action Bronze Boosting:

  • Kapi Kacchu Seeds and Phospholipids – moisturize while helping extend the life of your tan glow.
  • Ceratonia Siliqua – carob tree extract works with the skin to naturally enhance a healthy-looking bronze glow.
  • Vitamins C & E – potent antioxidants help improve skin’s clarity and radiance.
  • Effortlessly delivers chic bronze color to face, body, & hair with a simple squeeze of the feminine atomizer bottle.

Hypoallergenic. Non-Comedogenic, Gluten-Free. Paraben-Free. Oil-Free. Dermatologist Approved.

Price & Availability:

Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Shimmer Veil SRP is $14.95 available at fine drug and mass-market stores nationwide.

  • Available in one universally flattering shade – Goddess Glow.

Ok! Let’s test her out! Before – looking ultra stunning, I was just getting ready for the day -___-  With a clean face that is ready to be BRONZED:



And that same clean face after I bronzed……for 20 minutes…



Hmm….why am I still the same pale looking tone? I thought this stuff had glow enhancers in it. NOPE. Let’s be real, please just don’t buy this. It doesn’t work. At. All. I even went as far and to think maybe mine was old and it had dried out because when I opened it to see what I was working with it literally is like a crushed up bronzer palette. I guess I just don’t understand how they thought this was going to work. I thought it was going to be a liquid substance when I first looked at it but it’s not, just a powder stuff. The little bottle is ULTRA cute which is the only thing keeping it from being in the garbage! And, it smells nice. Which is weird since the paperwork that came with it said it was odor-free. It’s actually one of the two things this stuff has going for it: packaging and smell. I don’t know if my natural coloring is just to dark to begin with. I do have a darker toned skin to begin with – even though the lighting in the pictures don’t show it I’m really not THAT pale – I just think I am. Yeah, I don’t know how this stuff was ever going to work. I know they use these kinds of bottles for perfume which is why I thought it was liquid. I shook the bottle a little while I was using it and then some came out but at first I’m pretty sure I was just blasting my face with air.

Utter disappointment for this stuff. I thought it was going to be a really cool sunless tanning product. Nope, just makes you a tad glittery if you can get any product to come out. And, I personally, don’t like products that have a lot of shimmer in them – they just made me look greasy! Not a good product at all 😦



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