So have I mentioned that I love eating anything sugar based? Well I do! I have the biggest sweet tooth in the whole world, it’s scary. I have to almost always have something in my house that is sweet (i.e. candy, ice cream, cookies – hell I’ll eat frosting right out of the container with a spoon!) and today I opted for a homemade sweet to keep around since I had everything to make something but didn’t have anything premade. DING!

I checked online and found a great reciepe for some chocolate chip cookies since they are my favorite and the last time I made sugar cookies they didn’t go THAT well. I still liked them but they could have been better. Anyway, I went for something more simple this time. And, I didn’t eat all the batter. Just a couple little bites here and there. Come on don’t even tell me you never eat the batter when you bake things! The raw eggs aren’t THAT bad for you.

Here is the recipe that I used: Best Chocolate Chip Cookies




Womp. I’m working on the perfect balls of dough situation. As well as the proportions  Some cookies will just be mini while others will be exceptionally large. And…all will meet at the edges..AHHHH! I really am terrible at this.



SOOOO GOOD!! I for sure didn’t not get 4 dozen out of this but that could be because I made the dough balls so huge. I also had to bake mine for 12 minutes – again could have been due to size. MAKE THEM!! And, I only made a tiny mess! Flour and I just don’t go.



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