Back In School!

I started school again last Saturday as you may have noticed since I kind of fell off the earth again. I am in my last quarter to get my AA in Fashion Design and then I plan on heading into the Bachelors program to further my education because it seems like if you want a good job you have to have a bachelors degree now too. Oh well, I guess it will all my worth it in the end hopefully! And, this gives me more time to find a job and maybe even work on launching my Etsy store some more. I am reading  a lot of articles right now on good things to do, etc. I’ve had an Etsy store in the past but it wasn’t really ever successful and I think it was because I just did it on a whim and didn’t really plan it out that much. So far I’ve come up with some goals, budgets, etc. just to get myself going a bit as well as some marketing ideas and stuff like that to get myself out there. I think the biggest thing that has been a hassle is figuring out the shipping stuff. I just don’t know what to do when it comes to that stuff! I never know which one to pick so it gets there in a timely manner but still doesn’t break the bank. Anyone know about this at all? The good news is that I’ve noticed there is a FedEx and a UPS store really close to my house – both on the way to the Metro station that I use – so now I don’t have to haul everything into downtown with me. I can just drop it off on my way to school!

But back to school: like I said I am in my last quarter so I will graduate in June. My mom is coming from Iowa and then I am going back there for a couple weeks until I have to start school again. I am going to try out the online classes to see how they go because everyone gives such mixed reviews about everything. Just to see how they go and if they work out for me hopefully I can get my whole schedule online and have more time to work, etc. I’ve had all my classes for this quarter so far and I’m only concerned with 2. They seem like they will probably end up being a lot of work but worth it in the end because they will make my portfolio look really nice. The other ones, bah no big deal. My Saturday class is already almost over. Only 3 more classes and its done – thank the lord because it’s so boring and pretty much pointless.

I haven’t been doing that much. I just got back from San Diego because my grandmother is here visiting my aunt and then my cousin was in a play so I went down for Thursday and Friday to visit. I like getting out of L.A. for a while here and there but then I’m always really happy to get back to my apartment and back in the swing of things. However, I don’t know what happens it here but it always seems to be a mess! Mostly just my clothes being thrown everywhere and the washer/dryer in my building takes quarters – which I never have – so I always have tons of clothes that need to be washed. I’ve considered hand washing some stuff. At least for tomorrow since I have school but nothing to wear! Perhaps I will and see how it goes. Not to say that I will start doing this all the time because I feel like it may end up taking forever for the stuff to dry and I don’t have a drying rack or anything but for maybe when I’m in a pinch. I’ll be saving money left and right. I don’t have to worry about water (landlord pay utilities), no quarters needed for my bathtub, and I won’t need to buy so much Febreeze. And, I’ve also heard that it’s better and less damaging to your clothes and there are tons of DIY laundry soaps on Pinterest. Hmm….maybe I’m on to something here.

photoMy cousins and I 🙂


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