Pepperoni Cheese Stick Roll Ups

As we all know I’m a beast when it comes to Pinterest. I have so many boards with so many pins it’s sick. While I know that I probably won’t have the houses I pin, or wear the outfits I pin, I know I can at least try the food I pin! I was going through all my boards the other night and cleaning them out – I mean, I REALLY couldn’t sleep! You know, getting rid of double pins, condensing boards, etc. Anyway I remembered that I had pinned these tasty looking pizza roll things an I really wanted to make them. I got all the stuff for them and got them all going. (Side note: sorry for the sucky pictures, the lighting in my apartment at night is basically nonexistent and the little that there is, is super yellowy and apparently I couldn’t keep a steady hand that night!)

downsized_0408131958 downsized_0408132004


There was a couple things I did differently:

  1. I used shreadded cheese instead of cheese sticks/string cheese. I just can’t send $10+ on those things!
  2. I didn’t add the sauce-mixture stuff on top. Ain’t no one got time for that!
  3. I’ve made these more than once now and each time I die over them again and again!

Here is the link for what you actually do:



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