Stripey Knapsack!

Hello Kiddles! For today I just had a little something to show off. I’ve been going through all my stuff and I’ve found that I have a lot of junk! I found some striped fabric that I had left over from my first quarter of school (that was over a year ago mind you) and didn’t want to just throw it away. I didn’t have enough to make any sort of garment but I knew I had enough to make SOMETHING out of it. With that I give you this little gem:


Just a cute backpack and I made up! I really love it and it always seems like the ones I find in the stores like this are too short or the straps are weird. Ya know what I mean? I also found the contrasting black fabric – again not quite enough to make something big but enough to not throw away. However, I have no idea that the black is from. I really like how it looks though with the contrasting flap and the bottom of the bag is in black also. When I was making it I wasn’t sure how I was going to get it to close since it is pretty wide to fit all my junk in it.


So I threaded some black ribbon I had sitting around – seems to be pretty common with this ribbon since I used it for pretty much the same purpose in the my new top. I honestly, don’t know why I have so much of this ribbon! But it works! So now to close the bag and keep all my goods from falling out I just cinch it up and go about my merry way.


I’m very happy with the way this turned out. I was cutting it kind of close with some of the pieces so the straps are diagonal stripes but I actually like how that looks – even though they are on the bias I fused them so hopefully they won’t stretch all to hell. Nothing SUPER amazing but it’s totally Disneyland ready and I’m sure I will even use it for school. Not positive about how much it can hold. I did double up and interface the bottom and straps but still – let’s be real it’s only cotton! I’ll have to do a sort of test to see what it can handle and how it feels on my back with more stuff in it. I thought the added loop was a cute feature too. Makes it look more like a backpack but still cinches in to give it an old school feel. I think I may get some cool beads or something to put on the ribbons if I ever get out of my house!



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